Couchbase Customer Spotlight Series – UPS

Couchbase would like to thank Konstantin Tadenev, Principal Architect, and UPS for hosting our recent Customer Spotlight event at the UPS Innovations Center in Parsippany, NJ. It was a terrific session for those who attended!Konstantin reviewed seven use-case categories that are prevalent for UPS (and all enterprises) where NoSQL technology has proven to be impactful. Konstantin explored typical business and technology problems in modern IT, such as session management, mobility, and agility, to name a few. The presentation can be downloaded...

  • Justin Simpson
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Couchbase
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Primary Uses for Couchbase Primary Index.

A couple of frequently asked questions on N1QL for query service: When do we actually use a primary index? Why the index advisor does not recommend the primary index when that may the only choice? Read on… Couchbase is a distributed database. It supports flexible data model using JSON. Each document in a bucket will have a user-generated unique document key. This uniqueness is enforced during the inserting or updating of the data. Here’s an example meta().id, travel from `travel-sample` travel where type = 'airline' limit...


Index Advisor For Query Workload

OverviewAs the second feature of Index Advisor released in Couchbase server 6.5 (Developer Preview), Advisor function extends the scope from advising on single query to providing index recommendations for query workload and support on session handling. In this article, we will have a brief review on how it works in these two different ways.Advisor Function On WorkloadAdvisor function works in the following steps:Take one single query or query workload consisting of multiple queries as input.Process each individual unique query with index...


Index Advisor for N1QL Query Statement

OverviewIndex advisor is introduced in Couchbase server 6.5 as a developer preview feature. It targets at providing secondary index recommendation to help DBAs and developers optimize N1QL query performance. This version is rule-based, in which the index candidates will be generated following the design rules specified in Leading array index key for unnest2. Equality predicates3. IN predicates4. Not less than/between/not greater than predicates5. Less than/greater than...


Announcing Couchbase Server 6.5 Beta – What’s New and Improved

We are pleased to announce the release of Couchbase Server 6.5 beta with stellar features that lead the innovation in the NoSQL database market. We are excited to once again pioneer some of the most sought-after relational capabilities in the NoSQL world. These functionalities are targeted to improve developer agility, offer reduced TCO, enhance manageability, and provide enterprise-grade security and performance. Developers and DevOps folks have plenty to take away from this release.Read a quick overview of all the new enhancements in this...