Tessellated Terrain Shader for built-in and HDRP

- HDRP and Built-in pipeline

- Grass and wind are only availbale for built-in version

- Shader created using Amplify Shader Editor

This is a tessellated terrain shader created with Amplify Shader Editor for both HDRP and Built-In rendering pipeline

The performance is in maximum state compare to others because this shader is simple and has no complex computing. Just has below options:

- Normal map

- Normal power

- Displacement map

- Smoothness

- Specular color

The default tessellation algorithm is "Distance Based". You can use other algorithms easily by opening the shader on Amplify Shader Editor

Also you can update the shader for other hdrp or unity editor versions if needed using Amplify Shader Editor

4-Layer, 6-Layer and 8-Layer mode is supported. More layers has more performance cost

Watch the tutorial video 1

Watch the tutorial video 2

Price $15.00