Terraria Andrew Spinks

I have one nightmare frequently, and it’s getting locked out of my Google account. It has everything, all my personal info, my professional e-mail accounts, everything I need to function and work. Basically, Google owns my life, and apparently, it was the same for Terraria creator Andrew Spinks. For the past three weeks, Spinks’ accounts on Google have been disabled, and without any help restoring them, he’s burned that bridge. According to a post on his Twitter account, Andrew Spinks no longer plans to have Terraria ported onto Google Stadia.

In a thread on Twitter, Spinks describes exactly what he lost when Google disabled his account. Besides losing access to a 4K collection of the Lord of The Rings movies, he lost “thousands of dollars of apps on @GooglePlay.” Also lost is any data he had in his Google Drive account and access to his YouTube channel. However, “worst of all,” Spinks says, is losing access to the Gmail address he’s used for 15 years.

Spinks goes on to say that he “absolutely have not done anything” to violate Google’s terms of service. In response to not being assisted in having his account retrieved, Spinks has announced the cancellation of Terraria‘s port to Google Stadia.

Admittedly, that’s a sizable blow for Google’s cloud gaming platform. Terraria is a popular game on Steam, hitting a peak player count of 47,423 over the past day. Likewise, Stadia needs new games, and badly. The cloud gaming service recently saw the closure of its own internal studio by Google. Google is apparently not looking to make games for its platform anymore, but rather court third party developers and publishers.

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