London Business School

Getting a degree in business, management, or finance can springboard you into a lucrative career in banking, financial services, or the hedge fund industry.

This week, the Financial Times released its final 2016 ranking of the best business schools in Europe, ranking the most prestigious universities with the highest levels of academic rigour and best job prospects.

The FT took loads of data from business schools, including average salaries, the increase in salary its graduates see three years after finishing their degree, and the percentage of grads in work three months after finishing school. It then collated that data to create a great list of all the best schools in Europe for aspiring bankers, hedge funders, and business people.

We've already taken a look at the best schools across the whole of the continent, but given that more are located in the UK than in any other country, Business Insider decided to pull out all the UK schools that feature in Europe's top 50. The numbers in brackets are overall rankings.

13 (50). University of Edinburgh Business School — Ranking as the 50th best business school in Europe, according to the FT, Edinburgh University's business school has around 1,400 students. It has ties to some of the world's top-rated institutions, including the University of Chicago's Kellogg School of Management.

12 (49). Durham University Business School — In the pantheon of British universities, Durham often ranks just below the likes of Oxford and Cambridge as one of the country's most prestigious. MBA graduates from the university's business school earn an average of $98,029 three years after graduation.

11 (48). Lancaster University Management School — Sat on a hill close to the M6 motorway, Lancaster's business school climbs from being the 53rd best in Europe last year, to 48th in 2016.

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