• Having reliable toilet brush replacement heads can make an annoying chore a little easier.
  • The best refills provide a deep clean and reach all of the crevices inside your toilet.
  • We found the best toilet brush replacement heads including disposable, reusable, and flushable options.

Although cleaning your toilet may be your least favorite chore, purchasing durable and easy-to-use toilet brush replacement heads will make it easier to achieve a deep clean. When shopping for replacement heads, you'll want to consider your budget, your preferred method of disposal, and whether you want to use your own toilet cleaner or use refills that are pre-loaded with cleaner. In addition, you'll want brush heads that are designed to reach the crevices that are most commonly missed when cleaning a toilet, such as under the toilet rim, and the back of the toilet.

With this in mind, we've created a list of the best toilet brush replacement heads that include disposable, reusable, electric, and flushable options, offering a world of choices no matter your preferences.

Here are the best toilet brush replacement heads

The best toilet brush replacement head overall
clorox toilet wand 4x3
Simply pop these refills on and off the toilet brush for a hands-free clean.


These user-friendly refills are preloaded with Clorox cleaner, eliminating the need for traditional toilet bowl cleaner.

What we like: Low maintenance, include cleaner, affordable

These low-cost, disposable wand heads are a great choice for those who are looking for an easy way to keep their toilet clean. Each refill is preloaded with disinfecting cleaner that's activated once you dip the refill into the water. The brushes' hexagon shape also makes it easier to clean those hard-to-reach spots under the bowl rim. After you're finished scrubbing, you'll be able to easily dispose of the heads with a simple push of the wand's button. The pack contains 30 refills, ensuring that you'll have enough to last through a few months of cleaning. 

Best toilet brush to pair with this head The best disposable toilet brush replacement head
scotch bright disposable 4x3
With its built-in cleaner, these refills specifically target hard water, rust, and other stains.


These refills are uniquely shaped to reach even the most hidden stains and slide right off when you're done for no-touch disposal. 

What we like: Affordable, easy to dispose of, designed to have maximum contact with the toilet bowl

Formulated with pumice for a deeper clean, the Scotch-Brite Disposable Refills help you clean toilets with minimal effort. These heads are designed to easily snap onto the toilet brush and are shaped to help reach all areas inside of the toilet. They come preloaded with a gentle, non-bleach alternative cleaner that is quickly activated after dipping the brush into the toilet. After you're done cleaning, simply slide the button on the brush for no-touch disposal. Each box includes 10 refills, and larger quantities are also available for purchase based on your cleaning needs. 

Best toilet brush to pair with this head The best reusable toilet brush replacement head
oxo toilet brush 4x3
These heads are specially designed to prevent spinning for easier cleaning.


These hardy replacement heads offer a sustainable alternative to disposable heads.

What we like: Sustainable, cost-effective, long-lasting

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly way to keep your toilets clean, this set can be used over and over again. While this four-pack of toilet brush replacement heads comes at a higher cost than most disposable options, they will last much longer since they're durable enough to be used frequently without degrading. The heads' bristles are specially created to clean low-flush toilets and reach all the way under the rim. To use these heads, you'll just need to add your favorite toilet cleaner. 

Best toilet brush to pair with this head The best electric toilet brush replacement head
clorox electric 4x3
This set of brush heads can be used in toilets as well as on other bathroom surfaces.


If you're tired of using elbow grease to clean your toilets, these electric heads make the job quick and easy.

What we like: Doesn't require batteries, reusable, can be used on multiple surfaces

This three-pack of replacement heads is perfect for those looking for a tool that requires minimum effort to clean their toilets. The brushes are also recommended for use on tubs, floor tiles, sinks, and more, justifying the higher cost. Each head is uniquely shaped and you can quickly interchange the heads depending on the area and the intensity of the mess you're looking to clean. When used with the proper toilet brush, each head can reach over 300 RPM, so say goodbye to lengthy scrubbing sessions.

Best toilet brush to pair with this head Best flushable toilet brush replacement head
scrubbing bubbles toilet brush 4x3
Scented with fresh citrus, these replacement heads offer a fresh scented deep clean.


These degradable refills offer a convenient, no-mess disposal and won't clog your pipes.

What we like: Affordable, flushable, contain cleaner

Finding toilet brush heads that can be flushed after use is a difficult task and can lead to clogs if you use the wrong type. However, the Scrubbing Bubbles refills are constructed of toilet paper-like materials that make them safe for flushable disposal. The heads are also pre-loaded with stain-removing cleaner that is activated once placed in water. Each replacement pack contains 20 refills. While most standard toilets can handle flushing these refills, we don't recommend these if you have a toilet with low water pressure. 

Best toilet brush to pair with this head


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