Before leaving a comment, please read Mark Harbottle’s explanation for why we were forced to close this deal early.

After three amazing and inspiring days for everyone involved with SitePoint we are humbled to announce that our 5-for-1 book sale, where all of the proceeds will be donated to victims of the recent Australian bushfires, has come to an end…

We started out with a $50K target, and early figures suggest it’s gone well beyond our wildest expectations. To everyone who placed an order (or two or three), from the entire team at SitePoint – thanks for supporting this worthy cause.

We want to be able to verify every cent goes the Red Cross Appeal, so we’ve employed the auditing services of Deloitte to make sure every dollar is accounted for.

Rest assured we’ll announce the official total as soon as Deloitte have confirmed it.

If you missed out, and are still wanting to contribute to this worthy cause, please donate directly to the Red Cross.