Amazon App Store on Windows 11

Microsoft has announced that the Amazon App Store is ready for installation on more Windows 11 devices. Which means that users with a Windows 11 desktop or laptop PC are no going to have access to some of their favorite Android apps in a whole new way.

The official announcement mentions that the Amazon App Store is soon going to be available in 31 countries. Including the US, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, France and more. That being said, not all of those countries have access yet. Microsoft states that specifically, it’s expanding the support for the Amazon App Store on Windows 11 to new countries “in the coming weeks.” So while it has started the rollout process, it isn’t complete. It’s going to take a bit before it reaches all initially planned regions.

Also worth noting is that some of the countries in the list do already have access. And Microsoft’s announcement today is not about the launch. But simply expanding access to regions where the app store wasn’t available before. For instance, the US has had access to the Amazon App Store since February. And in the months since Microsoft has rolled out support to additional regions.

The Amazon App Store is available on Windows 11 in 21 countries

So far, Microsoft has rolled out support for 21 countries, out of the 31 that it plans to expand that list to by the end of this year. All 21 countries can be found in the screenshot below. Microsoft’s blog post mentions the usual suspects like the US and the UK, but Canada is not currently listed, nor is Mexico. So the whole of North America doesn’t quite yet have support.

Windows 11 Amazon App Store

If you live in one of the supported regions, getting apps from the Amazon App Store is pretty easy to do. You’ll need to first install the Amazon App Store. You can find this in the Windows Store app on your desktop or laptop. Once you have that installed, you can browse the app store for more than 2,000 Android apps and games. Then install anything you see that may be of interest.

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