The new edition of Thomas' Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits features more skill examples, exercises, and associated problems. Specific topics emphasized are Thevenin Equivalent Circuits, Nodal and Mesh Analysis, Op-Amp Circuits, and Phasor Analysis. Furthermore the text is enhanced with great support to developing fundamental skills by adding similar-type skill problems. New and additional features include: additions to the IM containing worked-out solutions to many exercises; updated ABET section of the IM to reflect the latest changes to Criteria 2000; improved SM to include worked-out solutions showing key intermediate steps with rationale, and where appropriate, METLAB solutions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Basic Circuit Analysis
Chapter 3: Circuit Analysis Techniques
Chapter 4: Active Circuits
Chapter 5: Signal Waveforms
Chapter 6: Capacitance And Inductance
Chapter 7: First- And Second-Order Circuits
Chapter 8: Sinusoidal Steady-State Response
Chapter 9: Laplace Transforms
Chapter 10: S-Domain Circuit Analysis
Chapter 11: Network Functions
Chapter 12: Frequency Response
Chapter 13: Fourier Analysis
Chapter 14: Active Filter Design
Chapter 15: Mutual Inductance And Transformers
Chapter 16: Ac Power Systems
Chapter 17: Two-Port Networks
Appendix A – Complex Numbers