You purchased the OnePlus 9, now it’s time to grab a case! If you picked up the beautiful Winter Mist colorway of the new flagship though, you may be reluctant to put a case on it and hide away the color. That’s where clear cases come in! You can have the best of both worlds, with protection as well as letting your phone’s color shine through. Some clear cases even have some neat patterns and effects to give your phone a neat look, too. We’ve rounded up the best OnePlus 9 clear cases below, so you don’t have to hunt for them yourself.

These cases are for the standard OnePlus 9. They will not fit the OnePlus 9 Pro. Make sure to check out our OnePlus 9 Pro case round-ups to cover your premium flagship.

    Profer Shockproof Case

    Clear and Shockproof

    This is a transparent case that will protect the corners of your phone. If you don't like the bulkiness of full rubber protectors, this will be the case to get.
    Qitayo Case and Screen Protector Combo

    Protect Front and Back

    Get a clear case, plus some screen protectors! With Qitayo's offering, you'll be be able to easily protect your OnePlus 9, front and back.
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

    Rubber Sides Protect

    Spigen is always a good case brand, and the Ultra Hybrid doesn't disappoint. The rubber edges are not transparent, but they'll be sure to protect your phone from shocks and falls.
    Poetic Affinity Case

    Military Protection with Texture

    Poetic Affinity provides military grade protection, and they also have a neat pattern on the transparent back of the case. It's not camo, but it does make your phone look pretty military-like.
    Chenlingy Clear Case 3-Pack

    Fun Designs and Corner Protection

    Why only get one case, when you can have three? Each of these clear cases has a different design on the back, so you can choose the one you like most, and switch it out whenever!
    Moingo Clear Case

    Wild Design Blends with Phone

    This clear case has a really cool effect on the back that plays with your phone's colorway. If you want a unique look, this is the case to grab!

If I had to pick a favorite out of these best OnePlus 9 cases, I’d have to go with Moingo’s case. It just looks so cool! I love how the pattern uses your phone’s colorway to make a really neat-looking effect. If you’re just going for something that protects while seeing the back though, I’d go with Spigen’s case. It protects all of the OnePlus 9’s sides and allows your phone’s colorway to still be seen. If you are looking for more options including ones with opaque backs, you can also check out the best OnePlus 9 cases.

If you still need to grab your OnePlus 9, check the link below!

    OnePlus 9
    The OnePlus 9 is here! Enjoy 5G and the Hasselblad cameras for a reasonable price.

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