October was a busy month, filled with Halloween costumes, too much candy, the World Series, and some epic product launches. We’re constantly amazed by how many amazing things get built by incredible entrepreneurs and makers every month. Below is a list of the most upvoted product launch every day throughout October. 🎃

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October 1: Frames for Sketch

Create awesome website and apps with this powerful design system

Frames for Sketch helps you design beautiful websites and apps faster than ever. Use carefully crafted components and Sketch best practices to supercharge your design workflow. This toolkit will help you discover techniques that will save you hundreds of hours on your next project.

October 2: Draggable by Shopify

A lightweight, responsive, modern drag and drop library

Draggable by Shopify is a modular drag and drop library, which enables you to start small and build up with the features you need. Everything is swappable, sortable, extensible, and accessible. It also supports most interaction events and animation styles. This is a dream product for designers.

October 3: Stripe Elements

Beautiful, smart checkout flows from Stripe. 💳

If you want to build a smart checkout flow, try Stripe Elements. They are rich, pre-built UI components that will help you create your own pixel-perfect flows on desktop and mobile devices. Help your users input their information quickly and correctly, minimizing user error and increasing the number of successful payments.

October 4: Station

Unify all of your web apps into one neat and productive interface

Station unifies all of your web apps into one neat interface. This product includes a smart dock to organize your workflow, a unified search to find anything quickly, and a single notification center to keep you in control without overwhelming you. No more getting lost in tons of tabs!

October 5: Pictogon

The fastest and easiest way to create interactive images

Pictogon is the fastest and easiest way to create image maps. If you want to make static images interactive, this app will help you do just that. Whether you want to use it for a picture, an infographic, or a map, use this to make just about anything more useful to your users.

October 6: TechCrunch 3.0

The mobile app, completely redesigned

We’ve seen TechCrunch go through several major redesigns over the years, and this is one of our favorite. TechCrunch 3.0 is a clean, modern interface that features offline sync, a personalized news feed, topic-specific push notifications, and quick access to Crunchbase data profiles. Staying on top of tech news just got easier.

October 7: The Uber Game

Can you make it in the gig economy?

The Uber Game is based on real reporting, including interviews with dozens of Uber drivers. It’s an interactive game that will simulate the experience of trying the “gig economy” on for size. Even if you don’t plan on trying to be an Uber driver, this will give you better insight and empathy for those who are.

October 8: Darker Medium

Read Medium stories with happy eyes

With Darker Medium, you can now read all Medium formatted stories with a customizable “dark” theme. Change the header background, main accent color, highlight color, and link styles to make it easier on your eyes to read Medium content.

October 9: The Landing Page Cookbook

A guide for makers who want to create better landing pages

Every startup needs a great landing page if they want to be successful. Whether you’re just getting started or redesigning a pre-existing one, read this book. The Landing Page Cookbook walks you through the importance of logos, headlines, navigation, hero images, calls to action, pricing, FAQs, and so much more. This is a fantastic landing page guide.

October 10: SlidesPPT

Beautiful, free presentation templates for Google Slides

If you use Google Slides to create presentations, you’ll love SlidesPPT. Finally, you‘ve got more options for template designs! All of them are fully customizable, so you can make them look exactly how you want them to look. Te best part? All of the designs are completely free to use.

October 11: Prkit.co

Create a professional press kit for your company

When you’re working on a startup, the last thing you have time to do is create a professional press kit. Prkit.co makes it easy, allowing users to add content (including videos, logos, and images), contact information, awards, press releases, and anything else a journalist might need to cover your startup.

October 12: MindFi

Meditate with open eyes

MindFi is a meditation app designed for busy people (and who isn’t these days?). Use it to learn how to meditate in any situation — even with your eyes open. Some of our favorite applications are using it to have a more mindful commute or meal. With 3–5 minute meditation sessions, you’ll be building better mindfulness and focus habits in no time.

October 13: Woz U

Steve Wozniak’s new tech education platform

Inspired by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, Woz U offers a personalized approach to coding and tech education, designed to help you learn a curriculum faster so you can get into the workforce quicker. Think of it as a direct path to tech-based careers in business and government. As part of the program, you get access to instructors and student mentors, as well as career services to help you find your dream job. If you’re interested in becoming a full-stack web developer, this may be just the school for you.

October 14: speed-test-cli

Test your download speed using SpeedTest on the command-line

It’s never been easier to test your internet connection speed and ping with speed-test-cli. It’s a simple and convenient tool for developers, with a clean interface and the ability to export to JSON.

October 15: Base UI Sketch Framework

Huge set of everything you need to design and prototype

Build websites better and faster with Base UI Sketch Framework. You can customize basically everything — gradients, fonts, images, and more. There are 180 ready-to-use screens as well, which you can use as a starting point for your design. Give this a try the next time you’re prototyping something.

October 16: Airbnb Official API

Develop your application for millions of travelers and hosts

Airbnb finally launched its official API, which means people can now build apps to connect to millions of travelers on Airbnb. Hosts can connect and import listing, manage pricing and availability, and message with guests seamlessly. We can’t wait to see what people build using Airbnb’s long-awaited API!

October 17: The Startup Way

The new book from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup

Eric Ries just wrote his follow up to the bestselling book The Lean Startup. This one is called The Startup Way, and it explores the practices of successful startups — and how any organization can apply the same principles to navigate uncertainty and change. This is a must-read for all entrepreneurs.

October 18: The New Google Calendar

Google Calendar just got a new look and set of features

Google Calendar users just got a special treat: a brand new look and set of features for their beloved calendars. With the redesign, you can see event details at a glance, quickly add new events, change view options (including showing declined events), and customize exactly how you see your calendar. We’re in love with this sleek redesign.

October 19: Product Alternatives

Find alternatives and actual replacements for B2B software

Product Alternatives is a listing of B2B software alternatives that categorizes and ranks products, but also actually shows switching and substitution behavior. The makers wanted to answer the question, “When a company stops using x, what are they most likely to start using next?” This is a great tool for users who want to find product alternatives, as well as startups who want to do competitor analysis.

October 20: Coda

It’s a new day for docs. The Excel killer is finally here. 📊

After 3 years in stealth, Coda launched their “Excel killer” to the world. Founded by two Google Alums, the company just raised $60M (!!!) from top investors like Greylock, Khosla Ventures, and General Catalyst to rethink how we approach documents. Reid Hoffman is joining the Board.

The space is competitive, with Word, Excel, Docs, Sheets, and up and comers like: AirTable, Quip, Notion, and Canvas all in there, while the latest newcomer — the one app to rule them all — just launched 3 weeks ago and racked up 4,100+ upvotes already). 👀

Coda takes a different approach, integrating everything you need to create a personal CRM, organize tasks, and more. Learn more about Coda here.

October 21: 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant

Have the best 1-on-1 meetings with your team

The 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant helps make 1-on-1 meetings more effective with simplified scheduling, automated reminders, and recommended questions. Managers can use it to learn new insights about their team (including real-time surveys), and teams have a pressure-free way to speak openly about how they’re doing. This app has the potential to change workplace culture and team happiness.

October 22: SERPstash

Free SEO tools for entrepreneurs

SERPstash is an incredible tool for marketers, and anyone else keeping track of SEO. Simply type in a domain name and discover your top referrers, new and high quality backlinks, top search queries, keyword density, and more. You can also use this for keyword and competitor research, as well as for conducting website audits.

October 23: Stripe Atlas Guides

Learn how to run an internet business

This guide from the Stripe Atlas team gives you actionable advice on how to run the business side of your company. Whether you’re just getting started and pitching your startup or finding early customers, or you want to better understand legal agreements and bookkeeping, there’s something in here for every entrepreneur.

October 24: AppGrowthLab

55 app growth lessons from 30 app marketing experts

Receive weekly app growth lessons from AppGrowthLab, handcrafted by top app marketing experts — from SplitMetrics and Buffer, to Google and Product Hunt. Get 55 lessons in total, with insights that will help you increase your app organic traffic and installs, as well as maximize the ROI of your paid ads.

October 25: InVision Design System Manager

Create and maintain your design system at scale

InVision just launched their Design System Manager (DSM). It’s a definitive tool to help create and manage design systems and help product teams innovate at scale. Now, teams can use it to collect and connect interdependent UX components, such as fonts, shapes, symbols, colors, and more.

October 26: Interactive Screen Sharing in Slack

The next best thing to working in the same room

The Slack team just launched two new features: screen sharing and drawing. The former is great for pair programming, or any task where you and your co-workers need to feel like they’re in the same room. The latter is great if you don’t want to give everyone in your screen share the ability to control your screen; you can let them to use their mouse to draw on your screen instead.

October 27: Spectrum

Build better communities

Spectrum is a beautifully designed platform that makes it easy to create and grow your online community. So far, this is shaping up to be a particularly useful platform for design and engineering communities; top groups so far include: Sketch, SpecFM, React, Product Design, Figma, Framer, Abstract, and Google Design. One of our favorites so far: the Work in Progress group.

October 28: Flyright

Travel prep in six tabs (instead of 100+)

The Flyright app collects critical information about international travel to more than 200 countries. It’ll tell you about any visa requirements, travel warnings, recommended vaccinations, currency restrictions, and U.S. embassy information. Currently, it only supports U.S. passports, but look for that to expand in the future.

October 29: Devhints

TL;DR for developer documentation

Devhints is a well-designed, easy-to-use collection of cheatsheets for developers. Find the ultimate TL;DR guides for Bash, React, Enzyme, ES6, Vim, Go, XPath, and much more.

October 30: Square Register

The sexiest cash register ever.

Square is one of the most popular point of sale systems — especially for small business owners. They company just released Square Register, which is a fully integrated POS system that combines hardware, software, and a payments platform built together in one device. There are no hidden fees or service contracts, and users will have the money in their account the next business day. You can use it for $49/month (or buy it outright for $999), and pay only 2.5% + 10¢ for every transaction.

October 31: Oak

Meditation and breathing exercises for geeks, by Kevin Rose.

Kevin Rose launched Oak, a new community-driven meditation app that will help you get started meditating regularly. The app focuses on guided meditation practices and breathing exercises, and let’s you choose your meditation length, background sound, starting and ending bells, and instructors. It even tracks your breathing, and will soon track heart rate. If you’ve been meaning to try meditation, but can’t seem to find an accessible way to try it, Oak might be what you’re looking for.

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