Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse
Buoys in the yard

It's always better to start with the here I go.

A couple weeks ago my youngest son Daniel and I made a trip to Northern California to spend time with my oldest son Thomas. It was supposed to be two short flights but when our second flight was canceled we decided to rent a car and make the final leg of the journey. That six-hour drive became a road trip that Daniel and I will remember for a long time. Both of us lead busy lives and it had been a while since we had time alone together.  Daniel is attending school full time at Cal Poly to become a mechanical engineer, works part-time and has a wife and two very young children (15 months and 12 weeks). 
One of the objectives of this trip was for me to have time with my sons but more importantly time for brothers to be together. On Saturday Thomas took Daniel fishing on his boat. While they spent the day out at sea I spent the day on shore sketching. On Sunday the guys cleaned and filleted fish while Lisa (Thomas's girlfriend) and I went for a walk at Patrick's Point State Park.  Lisa works at the State Park and is a wealth of information...she pointed out edible mushrooms, berries, rock formations, animals and all sorts of birds. When we got back I sketched at the house.

Thomas and the King Salmon

That evening the guys made a wonderful dinner. Lisa and I added to the table by making a boysenberry pie with berries picked in the yard. On Monday morning Thomas took us for a tour the harbor in his boat. Afterwards we packed a lunch, the two dogs (Pixie and Petie) and drove to the Trinity River. Lisa and I sat on the shore while the guys went fishing. Thomas caught a 10 pound King Salmon. It was beautiful to watch him rock the fish back-and-forth in the water. This forced fresh water and air though its gills. Once revived Thomas pointed the fish upstream and released it. On Tuesday Daniel and I made our trip home and return to life as normal... or at least we thought. 
While fishing along the Trinity River Daniel got into poison oak. The itching was enough for him to make an appointment with his doctor. During the examination Daniel asked about a lump he had recently felt on his neck. This led to a series of tests and surgery. Yesterday he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. You may ask why am I telling you this? I believe in the power of prayer. God does not waste anything.  I am asking you to hold up Daniel, his wife Heidi, and their two children Joshua and Nevaeh. Of course we are praying for God's healing but also for his strength, grace, and mercy as we go through this as a family.

Bitter and Sweet
Life can have a bitter sting but most days are filled with the sweet goodness of those around me and God's endless love and grace.
Heidi and Daniel
Thank you,