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Many people are starting to recognize that their data has a price, and they’re questioning whether they’re willing to trade it away. Those concerns are giving rise to new businesses that focus on preserving users’ privacy. They’re popping up in all corners of internet tech, like…

In a recent Trends report, we tackle how these tools balance ethical growth with the need to turn a profit. There’s still opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this growing market, with services that…

  • Help people safeguard their info (think password managers, VPNs, and online-cleanup work).
  • Allow companies to follow compliance rules (like privacy-policy generators).
  • Educate the public on privacy (KrebsOnSecurity is just one example. Ahrefs estimates that the value of the site’s organic traffic is $560k). 

Don’t doubt the value of starting small. Cloudflare, which now has a ~$5B market cap, started as a project to track how spammers harvested email addresses. It now provides a range of security services for more than 20m internet properties.

Why? Privacy is universal.

Want more insights on the privacy industry? Read our full Trends report.

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