The Cloudcast #254 - Container Deployments - Real Usage, Real Data (31:24)

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Date: May 27, 2016

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with Kim Weins (@kimweins, VP of Marketing) and Tim Miller (@Miller_Tim, VP of Engineering) at @Rightscale about market adoption of DevOps and Containers, migrating applications to containers, and the challenges of a container-centric deployment to production.

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Topic 1 - Give us a sense of the scope and scale of the Rightscale platform and how involved it is in companies and applications that are leveraging the fast growing public cloud.

Topic 1a - What were the biggest takeaways that you observed in the data from the 2016 Cloud / DevOps report?

Topic 2 - Why did Rightscale take on “Project Sherpa” in the first place?

Topic 3 - What were the initial big hurdles, red flags or things that told you that maybe this wasn’t a good idea? How did you overcome those challenges?

Topic 4 - What were some of the lessons you learned through the transition? Did you take a bimodal approach, or was this an “everybody” transition, or was there another people/culture/process approach?

Topic 5 - On the dev-side, containers are getting much better understood. How did you manage the ops portion?