From the 4th to 6th of December 2020, college students across India took part in the learning-filled National Fiesta. The event was the brain-baby of the CodeChef College Chapters team, and it was aimed at our recently inducted 279 College Chapters and their members, along with avid competitive programming fans from across the globe. The three-day-long extravaganza included live sessions from renowned competitive programmers on various topics like becoming a better coder,  mastering competitions and acing interviews. The occasion saw a lot of active participation and we were super pleased with the way everything turned out. Here is a little recap for anyone who missed out on the vibrant National Fiesta. 

Day 1 – Kamil Debowski aka Errichto Dazzles Us With His Expertise. 

On the first day of the Fiesta, i.e. the 4th of December, acclaimed competitive programmer Kamil Debowski shared with the students his journey to the top of the CP world. The session started at 9 PM and lasted till 10 PM IST, although everyone wished it could have gone in forever. During the precious hour, all the students bombarded Debowski with the questions they had. He answered them skillfully and helped students dive deeper into the fascinating world of coding. The discussion circled around global programming contests like ICPC and CodeJam, and he spoke about his experience as a competitive programmer. He talked to us about the various approaches to solving problems and had us hooked throughout the session. In the end he left everyone more knowledgeable than they were before the session. Catch Debowski’s session here

Day 2 – Sanket Singh Demystified The Myths About Placements. 

We had our second session on the 5th of December at 8 PM IST. The session was another educational experience for everyone who attended it as acclaimed software engineer Sanket Singh spilled the beans on the hiring scene in programming. 

He interacted with all our viewers throughout the session, answering questions and clearing any doubts that they might have had. He spoke to the people in attendance about the crucials of preparing for an interview and he even gave everyone some seriously helpful tips on how to ace an interview. It was a great session which we are sure had everyone feeling a little more confident in their own abilities. Catch Sanket’s session here

Day 3 – Triveni Mahatha Teaches How To Master Competitive Programming. 

On the last day of our beloved Fiesta, we had ICPC World Finalist Triveni Mahatha share some inside tips and tricks for mastering competitive programming. The hour-long session got everyone attending to explore the nooks and crannies of competitive programming and explore CP like never before. Triveni answered questions from the community, sharing valuable and constructive advice with the watchers on how to begin your competitive programming journey. He also dished out some unique approaches on how to start your preparation. Within the hour, we also got to dissect the diverse strategies one can apply to solve problems, and all this talk had everyone’s brain reeling with all the things they had just learned, making it a perfect end to a perfect session. Catch Triveni’s session here

The National Fiesta received a lot of positive feedback from our viewers, and it was heartening to see how much people loved the event. We look forward to hosting more such extravaganzas in the near future. Until then, keep coding. 

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