Objective: To develop the design of products as thank you gifts for our clients and studio collaborators. Design Tasks: Create a pronounced mood for the brand. To generate that the products represent the essence of the study as well as the people who collaborate in it, the intention of the design is to attract attention and facilitate dialogue between the brand and the next customers.

Solution: We analysed the products and quality of the articles to give, we discovered that most of the design studios prefer visual solutions that have become classic for this type of details: a combination of typography and an illustration that portrays the design. To distinguish our gifts we generate a series of prints such as a tote bag, a candle, a special wine made in the Valle de Guadalupe and a postcard, and thus awaken the interest of our customers. We decided to take a different approach and create a brand egemony on the products.

History: Desierta.studio is the name assigned by the founders Alberto Casilla and Mauro Arreola, who were based on taking the birthplace of one of them, which is the city of Tecate in the state of Baja California in northwestern Mexico. A Magical Town in which stories and a culture rich in wine converge, is the starting point of the Wine Route, a place where some of the oldest wineries in the State are found. With landscapes that contrast with the ocean and the arid desert of Baja. here is the name of the study.

Design solution: We chose matte cotton / corcican paper with a marked texture, to evoke the sensation of a natural and homemade product. The printing was in silkscreen one ink for the labels and postcards, in the case of the presentation star cards; It was a letterpress work done without color, the paper used was cotton paper with black direct ink. The fonts create an important role in the development which generate an editorial design with the brand and help us not to look so solemn and if we represent what we are, a friendly study.

Thus we were able to create Better With Friends, a design that was friendly and above all grateful to the client and our comrades for this very uncertain year that was 2020.

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