The real question is, Can a machine (An AI) disrupt the UX industry? The answer seems to be pretty simple.

Understanding​ the user’s need and designing the experience for those needs in the right context is the basic premise of UX, Isn’t it?

And since it is, does it really make sense to have a single design for everyone of your users? Are they all the same? Do they all have the same context and story? Does your persona really cover each one of your users?

Am not talking about personalised content here, like what Amazon does using its robust recommendation engines or your Facebook news feed, (which of course are an integral part of the UX), but what I am talking about is the personalised interface.

An interface is nothing but a representation of information in a nifty and dynamic way, an evolved form of the printed paper you could say. And various design patterns are just different ways of showing the same information.

Think of a form. What is a form anyways? Its just a series of questions and answers right! Not labels and inputs! labels and inputs are just one of the ways of representing the same information (Q&As). In fact, I can immediately think of 3 different ways of representing the same form.

1. The traditional form :

2. Conversational form:

3. A natural language form :

Now Imagine an interface/product smart enough, to understand the user’s behaviour so much that it knows which way of representing a piece of information might be best for this particular user? If a user spends 80% of his on screen time chatting on WhatsApp, perhaps, the conversation form might be the best representation for him/her.

Imagine each app/website’s design tailor made for every user.

The interface of the future would be unique to every individual, A universal design for all users would be reduntant.

An AI strong enough to learn how users interact with UI elements and smart enough to predict the best possible elements for a particular user would surely not just change but disrupt the UX industry.

The path to this UX utopia is still not very clear. But definitely interesting and definitely possible.