When you think about the customer service experience, is your company’s goal to just make sure to answer customer’s questions and troubleshoot issues they come across? Where does building loyalty come into place? If you think that just answering questions promptly when they are raised builds loyalty, you’re mistaken. After all, over 50% of customers don’t even bother to complain, thereby not giving you the opportunity to troubleshoot or alleviate their concerns.

In the Age of the Customer, building loyalty is about much more than interactions with the service department, or the price, or insightful marketing messages. Customers don’t just want one-off positive experiences with different departments in your company — they want cohesive, personalized, end-to-end journeys.

Building a personalized, omnichannel end-to-end customer journey is certainly not a one-step, or even ten-step process. But you can start connecting to your customers in more individualized, channel-agnostic ways by engaging them within a customer community.

In our latest e-book, we show you how a customer community is a key resource in any service department’s toolbelt in order to build better relationships with — and, in turn, more loyalty from — your customers. We’ll also show you how businesses like Ping Identity, eWAY, and AVG are leveraging customer communities in unique ways to inspire your business to think bigger.

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