Collecting data is not a new practice. However, data science is specifically about the collection and analysis of the data available on the internet. Since it does not look like the internet is going anywhere anytime soon, you might want to give yourself a moment to think about why a field like data science is important.

Basic Information

The term “data science” did not get used for the first time until roughly 2001. In just under two decades, the term has seen widespread usage across the entire planet. Not only does an entire field of study now exist around data science, but new and enticing job opportunities are popping up everywhere for data scientists. Since so many people access the internet each day and share all kinds of data, experts predict the need for capable data scientists is going to skyrocket in coming years.

Though the demand is on the rise, the supply does not look as promising. Since it is a new field, there are not many qualified individuals who can work as data scientists at the present moment. According to a number of studies, this could easily lead to a huge disparity in how many jobs are available and how many people can actually fill the positions. If you think data scientist jobs in New York might be worth your consideration, then now is the time for you to take a look at your options and see what’s out there.

Certification Opportunities

Due to the fact that a great deal of positions will soon be available in a field where very few people work, many companies are trying to take a proactive step towards changing the future. Instead of going back to college and enrolling in a new field of study, companies are offering programs where participants can take a few classes and receive certification to work as a data scientists. This can be very exciting for anyone who is looking to cash in on a new field but does not feel like returning to an academic institution for a new degree.

As more and more people start accessing the internet on a regular basis, there is no telling how much data will be out there. At the moment, it already seems as if there is near-infinite data available on the internet. Whether you are curious about starting a new career or you think the idea of collecting data is fascinating in and of itself, there is a lot that can be learned about data science. Take time to research some more and see what you can discover about this emerging field and all it has to offer the planet.

This is a guest post by John Mason.