Why Tucker makes me smile.

When I see a steady set of frequent, lightweight touches, I know he’s on top of his projects.

That means communication is happening, clients know that someone is actually there, and we’re moving things along.
A frequent, lightweight touch takes only a moment to actually do, but can sometimes take months or even never– because of fear and mindset issues.
Anyone who is struggling to get going should learn how to crush this problem. It’s not about being “lazy”, overloaded with too many projects, being sick, or whatever obstacle you could name– instead of just taking small steps now.
A frequent, lightweight touch is a heartbeat. Imagine if your heart decided that it’s worked so hard that it’s okay for it to take a couple of hours off– what would happen?

Doesn’t mean we need to work 24/7, but it does mean that for a few solid hours per day, we get things done and can feel proud of our work for the day, as we can clearly see a trail of it.

Not that we’re mindlessly generating messages and copying unnecessary people in basecamp or email.But that we’re following our principles of #DDD, #CID,  #MAA (the first 3 levels of the 9 Triangles) to get stuff done effectively.