The Last of Us Part 2

So, you’ve probably been playing The Last of Us Part 2 since its release last week. Throughout your terribly dark and violent adventure, there will be moments of exploration where you’ll need to gather supplies. Some of your best resources will be tucked away in safes throughout Seattle, Washington. You can find codes for these safes in letters found in the environment, but there is another way. This The Last of Us Part 2 safe guide will tell you how you can open safes without finding these codes.

How to open safes in The Last of Us Part 2 without finding the code first

As mentioned, there are numerous safes you will find throughout Seattle. Each one needs a three-digit code in order to access it. Most of these combinations can be found on the collectibles within reach of the safe; if it isn’t, the letter or object will tell you outright where to find the safe. Sometimes, it won’t give you the combination, but a clue to what the code is. None of these thought puzzles are difficult to solve, but you’ll need to think a bit if you want to solve these simple riddles.

However, there were times where I found a safe, but no clue as to what the code was. More than likely, I didn’t look hard enough for the clue, and just missed it as I was exploring. Luckily, there is a way to open these safes without finding these clues, but you will need a sharp ear and patience.

When you start the safe opening process, you will be presented with three blank numbers that you have to manually input. As you flip through the numbers, you will hear a tick for every number. When you hit the correct number, that ticking sound will be slightly deeper than the rest of the numbers. You can use that trick for all three numbers.

The difference in sound is very subtle. It can be incredibly hard to make out as you flip through every number up to 99. I suggest using some headphones if you plan on using this trick. Or just turn the volume up a bit. Also, expect to take a couple of minutes to open a safe this way.

What items can be found in a The Last of Us Part 2 safe?

Whether you find the safe codes or not, opening a safe is always worth it in The Last of Us Part 2. Along with useful resources like ammo and crafting materials, you will also potentially get a good amount of Parts and Supplements to upgrade your weapons and skills. Additionally, you may find a new weapon, upgrade, or skill tree found in some of these safes. In a game where resource management is pretty crucial, these safes are integral in your fight against the Infected and human factions.

The Last of Us Part 2 is available on PS4 right now. You can check out our review where Ryan Meitzler said, “Naughty Dog’s long-awaited sequel has the kind of raw storytelling that comes only a few times in a generation.”

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