“I Can Make It Quick…Or I Can Make It So Much Worse” – Ellie, TLOU2

The Last of Us cosplays is probably one of my favourite areas of writing. Not only because I’m in love with the original title and also Part 2, but mostly due to how dedicated the TLOU community truly are.

Gearing up as Ellie, Joel, Abby or even a Clicker, usually comes from the heart of people who love the series just as much as I do, so being able to tag along on their journey as they slip into the persona of one of these characters is such an insightful experience.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

As we learn that there could be a Part 3 to the beloved title at some stage in the future, DualShockers checks out one of our favourite regions of cosplay and that’s into the dark and emotional world of The Last of Us Part 2.

I’m just a girl, not a threat.

Coming in with their perfect and hyper-realistic cosplay of the one and only Ellie from Part 2 is Dabbucosplay. From Brazil and only 21 years old, Dabbu is the spitting image of the revengeful Ellie.

As we can see from the image, Dabbu puts her stamp on 19-year-old Ellie seen playing the guitar Joel gave her and also taught her how to play. Dressed in Ellie‘s trademark converse shoes, ripped jeans and fern tattoo, you’d almost swear that this was a screenshot from the game.

Being multi-talented and also actually looking like Ellie, Dabbu has cosplayed as 14-year-old Ellie in previous images. You can check out a few of those below.

If you’re more into the photography aspects of this Ellie shoot, the photographer is Pizato Fotografia and you can follow them right here. To keep up to date on all of Dabbu’s cosplaying adventures, follow them on Instagram.

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