You can Like and Dislike videos on YouTube. However, people use the Dislike button in a number of different ways. Oftentimes it’s not a commentary on the content itself, but issues surrounding it.

Regardless, if a video has a high number of dislikes it’s a good indication that the public shares a common view on it. Here are the most disliked YouTube videos of all time.

The Most Disliked Video on YouTube

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind, by YouTube | 16.5 million Dislikes

It’s ironic that the most-disliked video on YouTube is by YouTube itself. The platform makes its own end-of-the-year wrap-up video, talking about the high and low points of the year as well as the biggest trends. The 2018 version quickly racked up a lot of Dislikes, to the point where we asked, why does everyone hate YouTube Rewind 2018?

The video was criticized because it showed how disconnected YouTube has become from its creators and fans. It ignored prominent YouTubers like PewDiePie (and his rivalry with T-Series), didn’t pay homage to celebrity deaths like Stephen Hawking, and was generally out of touch with reality.

Earlier in 2018, YouTube had also faced heavy backlash from its creator community after changing its monetization rules, which excluded several small creators. When the YouTube Rewind 2018 video ignored that as well, the community naturally protested in the format they know best.

The reaction had a rollback effect too, as angry fans went and disliked the previous year’s video. Now YouTube Rewind 2017 is also among the most disliked videos of all time.

The Most Hated Music Video of All Time

Baby, by Justin Bieber | 10.6 million Dislikes

Justin Bieber was one of the first big talents to be discovered through YouTube, landing a record deal after a producer saw a video of him singing. Who would have thought that he would one day have the notoriety of being responsible for the most hated YouTube music video of all time, for his song Baby.

Love him or loathe him, Bieber has legions of “Beliebers” across the world, but the internet loves to hate Justin Bieber, with reasons ranging from his celebrity meltdowns to a perceived lack of talent. With Baby, it’s almost like YouTube rallied together to target this one video and show their distaste for him. Despite his fans’ best efforts, the haters have won. Baby has over 1.3 billion (yes, billion) views, and the Dislikes outnumber the Likes by over 2 million.

Justin Bieber also features several more times in the list of the most disliked YouTube videos of all time. Which leads us to label him the most disliked YouTube star of all time.

YouTube Giveth and YouTube Taketh Away

It’s Everyday Bro, by Jake Paul feat. Team 10 | 4.3 million Dislikes

At first glance, it’s flabbergasting why this little video has so many Dislikes. But if you deep-dive into the YouTube community and its inner workings, it slowly becomes clear.

Before the video went live, Jake Paul, a prominent YouTube personality, was already getting a lot of negative reactions due to certain videos by him and his brother, Logan. The video has Paul rapping about his success, while commenting about other YouTubers and his ex-girlfriend.

The community saw it unnecessarily antagonistic, and made their opinion known with the Dislike button. The video isn’t really worth watching, but the comments are a treasure trove of creative insults.

Dislikes Don’t Actually Matter, and Here’s Proof

Can This Video Get 1 million Dislikes?, by PewDiePie | 4 million Dislikes

YouTube megastar PewDiePie actually created a video to court Dislikes rather than Likes. His reasoning? Apparently, after talking to Google, he realized that the Like and Dislike buttons has no substantial effect on the revenue generated.

So he made a video to prove his point. And it’s an atrocious video, with highlights including PewDiePie simulating a phone call with Google, drinking vodka and trying to drown his friend, riding a stuffed octopus in the streets while shirtless, and other shenanigans.

Save yourself the trouble of watching this. He made his point, you don’t need to know more.

It was so successful that another popular YouTuber, Ricegum, created a similar video titled “How Many Dislikes Can This Video Get?” He made it to 1.4 million Dislikes.

Don’t Mess With Gamers

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer | 2.6 million Dislikes

The Call of Duty (CoD) franchise is one of the greatest video game franchises of all time, but it seems like developer Activision needs to reconnect with its fans. The trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare did not go down well with gamers who relentlessly hammered the Dislike button to make it the second most disliked video ever.

Why do fans hate it so much? Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said that gamers aren’t happy with the direction CoD is going in, as it takes a futuristic war scenario by sending soldiers into battles in space or using drones, which takes the player away from the gritty realism that the franchise was once loved for.

Psy and the Love-Hate Relationship

Gangnam Style, by Psy | 1.5 million Dislikes

Korean pop star Psy went viral in 2012 with the music video for Gangnam Style, complete with its iconic dance. And the internet has a weird love-hate relationship with him. Gangnam Style is one of the most disliked video on YouTube, but also sits at the top of the lists of most liked videos and most watched videos on YouTube. Seriously, it literally broke YouTube, with the result being that engineers had to upgrade the number of views allowed for a video.

So why does it have such a high number of Dislikes? It’s hard to say. But as we discovered when we looked at the most annoying music videos on YouTube, a surprising number of people genuinely despise Gangnam Style. Maybe it’s the silly dance, maybe it’s the over-the-top production, or maybe it’s just because the song is not sung in English (for the most part).

What Comes Before Saturday?

Friday, by Rebecca Black | 2.1 million Dislikes

You knew you couldn’t escape this one, right? Rebecca Black shot to fame for all the wrong reasons, as her song Friday became a viral hit, and one of the most hated videos on YouTube.

Black was apparently hurt by the Dislikes and nasty comments, but refused to take the video down since it would be playing into the hands of the haters. The rapidly rising view count and subsequent ad dollars must have helped ease her pain.

OK, so Friday uses autotune and the lyrics are bad and the video looks amateurish, but you know what the most annoying part is? It’s a weirdly catchy tune that gets stuck in your head.

Eventually, everyone moved on and Black released another single called My Moment. And it “only” got 735k thumbs-downs, which was a marked improvement.

Kids vs. Parents

Baby Shark Dance, by Pinkfong | 2.5 million Dislikes

Baby Shark is an old children’s folk song about a family of sharks, which has been adapted several times. Korean kids educational channel Pinkfong turned it into a music video, complete with a Baby Shark “dance” and an animation.

The song went viral and kids across the world wanted to do the Baby Shark dance. They requested, nay demanded, that the video be played over and over, as they danced again and again. And irked parents at the end of their patience hit that Dislike button for unleashing this monster.

Baby Shark Dance also courted some other controversies, as the lyrics were deemed to be sexist and reinforce patriarchy. Pinkfong was also taken to court by a musician who claimed a children-friendly version of the song was originally his idea. And while those topics will rack up the Dislike count, the most clicks still come from frustrated parents who never want to hear it again.

Men and Mentality

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be, by Gillette | 1.5 million Dislikes

Gillette, primarily a men’s shaving brand, made a commercial to address negative behaviors among some men, such as bullying, sexism, toxic masculinity, and sexual misconduct. But the internet pushed back, labelling the video as misandrist and virtue signalling.

The reaction wasn’t entirely unexpected, as YouTube has a history of pushing against such videos by large corporations. Some people even went as far as calling the video the result of radical feminism.

Some commenters were more nuanced in their reasons to dislike the video, stating it was the holier-than-thou stand that Gillette takes in the ad.

Stop The Music!

Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus | 1.2 million Dislikes

In the history of music videos, popularity doesn’t always mean quality. This is clearly evident with the most disliked list, as the majority are music videos. Leaving aside Justin Bieber, Psy, and Rebecca Black—all of whom are YouTube sensations first and pop stars second.

Among the established musicians, Miley Cyrus tops the list with Wrecking Ball, which was also her “coming of age” video. It was quite risque and a move away from her wholesome image up to that point, so it’s no surprise that the Dislikes flowed in.

Other notable music videos that are high in the list are Luis Fonsi’s Despacito (4.1 million Dislikes), Jacob Sartorius’s Sweatshirt (2.1 million Dislikes), Miley Cyrus’s We Can’t Stop (1.3 million Dislikes), Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda (1.5 million Dislikes), Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang (1.4 million Dislikes), and Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do (1.2 million Dislikes).

Forget the Haters

Watching the most disliked videos on YouTube seems like a good way to waste some time and laugh at people, but wouldn’t you rather be spending time watching something you enjoy?

Perhaps, instead of looking for hate, we should all focus on the things that make us feel good. The internet has enough negativity already, and a dose of positivity is always better. So, with that in mind consider checking out these classic YouTube videos worth watching again.

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