Located in Sheffield, England, the National Videogame Museum says that its challenge is to "deliver a world-class cultural center at the heart of an active, diverse, and inclusive games community."

Sadly, it couldn't do that in the months after the pandemic's arrival. It's been some time since, and now the museum is willing to welcome visitors again.

The NVM Fully Reopens for the First Time in Over a Year

UK gamers, rejoice! The National Videogame Museum (NVM) has announced that you'll be able to enjoy its interactive, video-games-centered experience when they open the museum's doors on May 21.

NVM, the UK's national cultural center for video games, hasn't been "fully open" since March 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make the viewing experience as safe as possible, the NVM has made a few changes to its operations. The galleries have been rearranged to make space for social distancing between museum goers, and only advance bookings are accepted (you can't buy a ticket at the reception desk).

The other changes are pretty standard. You've probably seen other businesses do the same:

  • Increased level of cleaning across all spaces
  • All staff members have been equipped with face masks
  • Visits are now timed, you can only stay for so long
  • Added a limit to how many people can visit at once

The NVM is operated by the the British Games Institute (BGI), the same charity that hosted the virtual 2021 Games Education Summit.

According to a press release shared by Gamasutra, BGI CEO Rick Gibson explained that BGI didn't have a safety net to support continuous operations through the outbreak. It's implied that NVM can only afford to open up again thanks to the generous patronage of other companies and individuals in the video game industry.

"Our funding has always been tight, so we are hugely grateful to those individuals, companies and trusts that have stepped up and supported us as we launched our Museum in Sheffield," said Gibson.

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Ensure That You Meet NVM's Criteria for Visitors

NVM writes that there are things that the visitors must do on top of the staff's efforts, though. "We [the NVM staff and all visitors] are going to need to work together to make things safe for all of us," reads the safety protocol page.

Naturally, the NVM will not let you inside the museum if you have COVID-19 symptoms. If you've already bought a ticket, you can get in touch with the staff to transfer it. Additionally, you must wear a face covering at all times, maintain social distancing, and sanitize frequently and thoroughly.

You can book tickets for a NVM visit on Digitickets.