In May 2016 we announced Xero’s move to new infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our new platform is built on AWS across its U.S. data centres, and is designed to allow us to serve more customers, deliver more features and reduce the chance that we’ll have any downtime in the future.

Since June we’ve been moving large numbers of our customers across to AWS every weekend. Now that over 50% of our customers are on AWS, it is time for us to move the shared applications across too.

What does the move mean for you?

On Sunday 21 August at 6am New Zealand time/ Saturday 20 August at 11am Pacific Standard Time, we’ll be taking Xero offline for a few hours while we move shared Xero applications like our login system across to AWS. We know that you’re used to Xero being available all the time on any device, and the move to AWS means we’re less likely to need to take you offline to make changes in future. To find out more about our move to AWS, check out our tech blog.

This migration is happening at the least busy times for our customers. We’ve chosen the weekend carefully around our global customers’ key accounting activities so we disrupt customers as little as possible – and we hope that most won’t even notice.

We’re sending emails to all of our customers to make sure they know about this planned outage, and we’re also displaying reminders to customers within Xero itself just before we take them offline.

After the migration, you’ll be able to continue using Xero as you’ve always done.

Keeping you informed

Supporting information and FAQs are available to customers. We’ll also be updating our status page to let you know our ETA for being back online.
For more background information, you can read the May 2016 announcement from Xero.

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