I'm getting a late start with the old blogging today, so I'll make do with a todo list for the summer.

Things that will definitely happen:

  • Take a walk over to a nearby cafe with my friend Esther to have some fika. This is definitely going to happen, as Esther is Dutch and therefore has made an entry in her diary and entries in Dutch diaries are non-negotiable. Also, this event will take place in 15 minutes.
  • Stop by the store on the way back from fika and buy a few ingredients for making guacamole and harissa. No, I will not be eating both of this things together. Unless I decide to put harissa on my black bean burrito that I'm going to also put guacamole on, which actually sounds kinda good now that I say it out loud. I'll let you know how this crime against food turns out.
  • Walk my dog. This will definitely happen at least twice a day, because otherwise Rover gets very sad because he still hasn't learned to use the big boy potty. Also he needs exercise.
  • Play some Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock with my friend Simon. This will involve drinking beer and eating some chips with guacamole, as long as I don't eat all of the guacamole on my burrito like a greedy bastard. Headbanging, throwing horns, and "the man stance" are also likely to feature.

Things that are likely to happen:

  • Create a AWS Lambda custom runtime for Babashka. I want to do this so I can get blazing fast startup times for my lambda functions AND be able to edit the source in the lambda console AND not be subjected to NodeJS in any way, shape, or form. ClojureScript is a wonderful wonderful thing, but to mangle the words of the great Rich Hickey, "Clojure rocks, Node reeks". Ray and I are in violent disagreement about this, but Ray is wrong and can therefore suck it.
  • Enable HTTPS for my blog, because http://jmglov.net/blog/ is just embarassing. I use S3 static website hosting, and I know there's a way to use CloudFront plus an ACM (no, not that ACM, this one) cert to do this, but I'm pretty sure it will require a full day, mystic chanting, and the sacrifice of a monitor or two (when I throw it across the room out of frustration).
  • Dig into REPL-acement with Ray.
  • Learn what's so awesome about Nix flakes.

Things that are unlikely to happen but really should:

  • Learn Swedish.

OK, I need to run because otherwise I'm gonna be late for fika, and that just will not do.