The Rich, The Poor, and The Great Distraction

Photo by Jayden Sun on Unsplash

I would like to start this by saying this is in no way delegitimizing the BLM movement, but rather bringing to light how a cause with good intentions can be used as a pawn in a bigger game. I agree with the BLM movement in that the Black community still faces systematic racism, especially from the police. I support them and hope they achieve their goals in reforming the system. However, they have more skin in the game then they realize that they do. I’m proposing that racism is encouraged and nourished by the rich one percent because as long as we fight about race we will ignore the exploitation of the poor by the rich. This has been going on for centuries and all started with something we all learned in history class but have forgotten by now: Bacon’s Rebellion.

Bacon’s rebellion started race as a distraction for the rich to use the poor. Before Bacon’s rebellion, the differences of Blacks and Europeans was small. However, right after Bacon’s death laws were passed to make sharp differences so that Blacks were seen as lesser than Europeans. The reason this distinction was made was based on the rich versus the poor. In Virginia, unless you owned land you couldn’t vote. This meant that the rich plantation owners controlled the government whereas poor farmers had very little say. This caused Virginians to want to expand westward to secure more land. Bacon then asked the governor for a militia to take out the Native Americans because he suspected they were stealing his corn. Bacon got angry and took it into his own hands and recruited poor people of all colors. This started a clash between the rich and poor. After Bacon died plantation owners eliminated indentured servitude and instead moved to Blacks as slave labor to create the ultimate distraction: race.

The ultimate distraction hasn’t stopped either. It’s still ongoing and has been lurking in the shadows as a shield to all rich people. Take for example the movie “The Joker.” In this movie, the rich had no shield to distract the poor from their impoverished state and their exploitation which ultimately led to Thomas Wayne’s death. Now if we apply to this to our society we see the sharp distinction between the two. If Blacks are in an impoverished state and are being exploited they can easily blame racism for being stuck going nowhere. Poor white Americans in impoverished states that are being exploited can easily blame affirmative action for their placement in society.

Because of this, we are faced with a head-on head collision between the majority and the minority that distracts from the puppet master pulling the strings. Take this, for example, the BLM movement has a strong sway on the market currently. If a corporation doesn’t support their movement they will lose a lot of business. So logically the corporation supports the BLM movement to keep profits up. However, it goes deeper than that. Companies that support the BLM movement are racist. The reason being is it encourages poor white people to fight back and get angry. I call this the abandoned effect. Essentially what I mean, is that corporations have been on the white side for some time and this static shift has caused whites to be felt forgotten about. Thus, they lash out and counter-protest. It’s also racist because it’s putting the BLM movement in the spotlight. I don’t mean this in a negative way but by supporting the movement as a corporation they are encouraging tribalism and racism to distract from their exploitation. Take for example Amazon, they have been exploiting poor people for a long time and by supporting the BLM movement they are making themselves look good by putting them in the spotlight, thus, distracting from their exploitation.

Another issue is what corporations and the rich gain from the BLM movement as a whole. By encouraging and goading the BLM they are also encouraging tribalism as well as racism. If the rich can get the Blacks to identify with being Black rather than an American then they distract even further because now they have a group of people who have disowned everyone who isn’t like them and another group who hates them for being different thus increasing the divide by race. Rather than having one united front we then have a bunch of divisions based on race.

A pattern can also be seen in the stock market that reflects the rich and corporations’ abuse in the matter. Whenever there are a civil rights movement corporations somehow profit from it. Why is it that in a time of uncertainty that corporations make money? Recently the markets have steadily increased even with social unrest. After Martin Luther King Jr. died the markets increased again and didn’t have any trouble during the social unrest. This is because the rich profit from social unrest. It allows them to do what they want when they want without anyone noticing. Take for example the pickpocket. The pickpocket will use something to distract you while he takes your wallet. The same applies to the rich and corporations. They simply are pickpockets cheating you out of a good life.

Once again I support the BLM movement and hope they get what they want. Partly because I think it is unjust that police officers are playing god and partly because it will reveal who the real monster is. If Blacks get what they want and see racism as being amended in some fashion, then when they are still poor and impoverished they can no longer blame racism. Instead, they will have to turn to the real trickster who has been taking advantage of them, the rich, and possibly start another Bacon’s rebellion to end this exploitation and move American into a prosperous era.