We've been re-thinking an old idea. The term Project Network traditionally refers to a specific matrix of projects that come together in a connected way. More formally, "A project network is a graph (flow chart) depicting the sequence in which a project's terminal elements are to be completed by showing terminal elements and their dependencies." Here's an outline of a different take on "The Project Network" The Project Network What is it? - An old concept that needs revisiting in a web-based world - The way individual contributors connect via projects across boundaries How it works? - Project teams are formed and dissolve based on the needs of the situation - These teams form the connections between people doing work Different from a social network - Social networks are a web-based way for people to connect and socialize - Project networks are how people connect to change the world Why it matters - The web has opened up a new opportunity for project networks - People can effortlessly form project teams on the web - The old barriers are coming down Take a look here for my video presentation on how this works. See "2. The Project Network."