Game designer Will Wright, creator of The Sims, has come out of years of hibernation to announce his latest project: an ambitious game called Proxi, in which players can “build games based on their memories.”

The idea is for your experiences, called “mems,” to be displayed in playable scenes, and clumped in themed areas for things like “childhood,” “holidays,” and other real world tie-ins.

What’s this all gonna look like? 

Nobody knows — not even Wright. Instead, he’s kicking off a contest to develop the art for the game, with the promise of hiring the winner full time as Proxi’s 3D artist.

You know what they say, if you can’t do, crowdsource.

But, we’ve been burned before… 

Some of us remember Wright’s last ambitious game from ’08, Spore, which he touted as the “ultimate game,” in which players could evolve their character from a single-cell organism into an intelligent species capable of space travel.

Some of us may have even pre-ordered it, and waited patiently for it to change their lives forever.

And some of us were highly disappointed when the actual game turned out to be nothing more than a few glorified minigames cobbled together in an overhyped shell of what the demo promised.

Some of us may (or may not) work at The Hustle…

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