Wait, it’s not the frat parties?

One of my last times at a bar before corona time :(

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I often use the question, “Will this matter in 10 years?” to decide if something is worth worrying about.

But instead of just applying this question to things that bother me, I thought: why not use it to question things I associate with happiness?

I spent a lot of Sunday afternoons wishing for more booze, more party invites, and more girls. Obviously, getting drunk with beautiful women is fun, but the truth is: it’s rare you’ll experience anything that lasts longer than a few hours. The alcohol and the girls will be long gone when BIO 101 starts on Monday. (And no, she didn’t just “forget” to text you.)

This brings me to my great realization: bars and parties are awesome, but not quite as awesome as the people you came with.


My college years are over. So what do I have today that I didn’t have four years ago? The simple answer is: some amazing friendships.

It’s the people who are frantically feeding you water at the end of the night that actually care about you, not the Chad who tossed you a Bud Light or the Brittany you made out with.

College ain’t easy, but your friends are there to eat Cheetos and get fat with you. To listen to your crazy business ideas and heated rants. To share experiences and mature with you through a defining phase of your incredibly short lifetime.

So when people tell me that college was the best four years of their lives, I feel bad for them.

Because I can recreate the best part of it with a quick text.

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Me and my friends in Corolla AFTER I graduated!