The Umbrella Academy is no stranger to “wow factor.” From the apocalyptic twists of Season 1, to the reality-bending turns of Season 2, the hit Netflix superhero series always delivers on the big splashy moments to match the dramatic character beats. And it sounds like Season 3 is going bigger than ever.

We recently spoke with The Umbrella Academy star Tom Hopper for his new action movie SAS: Red Notice and got some updates on what fans can expect from the upcoming third season.

“I just want them to know that if they've loved the first two seasons, we've upped the ante, big time - and if the fun factor is upped, I think the wow factor is upped,” Hopper said. “And I think they're just going to fall in love with these characters even more.”

Hopper, who plays the super-strong, super-brooding Ape/Human hybrid Luther, a.k.a. Spaceboy, a.k.a. Number 1, also reflected a bit on how the first two seasons set the stage for them to up the ante in the third season.

“I think it's a great setup for Season 3. I thought that the show really found a groove. I think what was so great about Season 2 is that we'd set up the world in Season 1, and I really feel that Season 1 was almost like a setup for the rest of the show. You're not trying to figure out what this world is anymore, you know who these characters are, you know where they're at in their lives. And, then we can really get things going. And I think towards the end of Season 2, you really start to just see what the show is, and it's a great setup for what's going to happen in [Season] 3.”

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Hopper also gave us some updates on where they are in the filming process (and why it’s not as far along as you might think), as well as how far along the writers are with the scripts. They’re not quite finished writing the season yet, but it sounds like they’re getting close. Asked if he’d already received scripts for all 10 episodes, Hopper teased, “We've had a fair chunk. Yeah. We've not got all 10, but we've had a fair chunk.”

On the matter of the scripts, Hopper was quick to sing the praises of series creator Steve Blackman and the series writers. I“ think one thing you have to realize… is that the true genius behind the show is the writers and Steve Blackman and Netflix, these guys give us, I think what, and it probably comes across, but they have this amazing writing on the page already.”

And due to COVID schedule shakeups and the slow-down that comes with the new safety precautions, the writers have had even more time to get those scripts just right.I think it did allow them to have a bit of extra time, because I think we got commissioned in the middle of all this stuff. So the writers, I guess, got more of a headstart,” Hopper said. “But now it's only allowed them to really refine them, so the ones we're getting now are really special.”

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Hopper and check out what he told us about making Sony's new Resident Evil movie in the link below.

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