imgres-1Figuring out what to call your company is tough.  How does that name tie into the brand you are creating.  I have been involved in these conversations and they get really into the weeds.  At one point you just have to pick a name and then create the brand around it.  I’d be curious to see how many founders loved the name that they chose.

I did not think a lot about it when I called this blog Gotham Gal.  At this point it is the name that is connected to me.  It was the brainchild of Fred.  I can not take credit.  Sometimes people say Gotham Girl which I find annoying but at least they get the Gotham right.

It is even more difficult when ever single name you come up with has been scooped up by someone else years ago. The owners are not necessarily using it but they are sitting on it.  Someone might own the name you want with a .com ending but not the .net or .io or the variety of endings out there but you do need to have ownership of all of them.

The time to buy these names is at the beginning of the company not when the company is gaining serious traction and valued high.  When founders tell me that they have contacted the owners of the url they are looking to buy I cringe.  There are experts for everything including the purchasing of urls.  They have done it so many times and know exactly how to make the buy, assess the right price and streamline the process.

So if you are starting a company or thinking of changing the name of the company, do yourself a favor and bring in an expert.