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The Year in Review.

What just happened? And what does it mean for the future? In the latest #greymatter, the investment team from Greylock looks back on 2020 and how it impacted entrepreneurship. While it’s been difficult, 2020 has also been a time of great progress in the startup ecosystem. Not only have we seen extraordinary efforts to advance technology and experiment with new business models, we’ve seen many individuals and organizations taking important strides towards building a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive future. (Greymatter)

Startups that will boom in 2021.

Greylock GPs Sarah Guo, Mike Duboe, Jerry Chen, and David Thacker share their predictions on startups that will boom in 2021. (Business Insider)

Discord Raises $100M, Building on Momentum.

Discord makes voice- and text-communication software that has become a digital third place for so many people: a way to spend quality time together just talking or hanging out, no matter where you are. (Discord)

Greylock-backed companies are looking for amazing talent.

Check out our jobs page for all the available roles. Our core talent team is always looking to connect with engineers, product managers, and designers who are thinking about exploring early stage start-up as a next move in their career. Reach out:

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