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brooklinen sateen sheets review 2021

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High-quality bed sheets look great, feel even better, and can genuinely offer you a better night's sleep for the third of your life you spend doing just that.

The only real argument to be made against them is their price.

Luxury bedding doesn't come cheap. Even in the direct-to-consumer space - which is leaps and bounds more affordable than traditional retailers like Frette, which marks up its sheets by as much as 220% - finding genuine "deals" and "good values" still isn't easy.

Enter Brooklinen

Launched on Kickstarter in April 2014 by husband-and-wife team Vicki and Rich Fulop, Brooklinen immediately struck a chord with shoppers who could never find high-quality products at reasonable price points.

"The outcome of the [Kickstarter] campaign was extremely successful," Vicki Fulop told Insider Reviews. "We set our goal at $50,000, and we wound up selling $237,000 in sheets. It was surreal - we couldn't believe it."

The company pulled in $2.5 million in 2015, its first full year in business. In 2019, that number was close to $100 million, and in 2020, Brooklinen celebrated its 1 millionth customer and 1 millionth sheet set sale. What's more, 40% of Brooklinen daily revenue comes from repeat customers (like ourselves).

That's the kind of meteoric success you just can't argue with.

Why Brooklinen is great: comfort, durability, style, and value

Customers love their sheets - how they feel and how they look - and they love the value they're getting from them even more.

Insider Reviews executive editor Ellen Hoffman was an early fan of Brooklinen. "As someone who's been sleeping on their sheets for six years now, I'm comfortable saying they are hands down the best sheets I've ever put on my bed. Perhaps more importantly, they didn't cost me a small fortune either," she said.

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In the bedding department, Brooklinen now offers four different kinds of sheets: percale, sateen, linen, and heathered cashmere. It also makes comforters, duvet covers, pillows, and other bedding accessories.

We've been impressed with the consistency of quality, comfort, and thoughtful design across all these different products, but the brand's bestseller and original claim to fame - the Luxe Sateen sheet set- remains an all-time favorite among Insider Reviews reporters. If there's one thing you need to get from Brooklinen, it's these sheets.

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheet Bundle review

There are a few different sets available, ranging from the basics to a full overhaul of your current bedding:

These are the technical specs:

To break down what these specifications mean and why they make Brooklinen a smart buy - 480 is a good thread count, but what matters more is that it's combined with the use of long-staple cotton, or cotton with longer-staple fibers that result in smoother and stronger yarn. That's why Brooklinen's sheets are so durable and soft after years of continuous use and washes.

Ellen reports that after six years of use, "my Smoke Stripe and Window Pane sheet bundles (these are both primarily white) have yet to yellow in the wash; they're still as crisp white as they were the day they were shipped to my door. They've only gotten more comfortable over time, too."

Sateen is a kind of weave where three or four threads are woven over one thread into a looser grid pattern. It has a smooth, silky feel and a slight sheen to it. Compared to percale, which is light and crisp, it's less breathable and may not be suitable for sleepers who run hot.

brooklinen sateen sheets

Connie Chen/Insider

But if you're not prone to overheating, sateen is perfect for a luxurious sleeping experience. It's no wonder why high-end hotels commonly outfit guest rooms with sateen bedding. When you slip into Brooklinen's sheets, it feels like a warm and soothing escape from the world.

Lastly, the Oeko-Tex certification indicates that the final sheet product has been independently tested for more than 100 harmful chemical substances and is safe for human use. While it's not the only certification out there, it's widely used and known in the textiles industry.

Comfort and durability aside, it's the look that really sold us on the brand. Along with mature and understated neutral colors, Brooklinen often releases playful, colorful limited-edition prints that look sophisticated as well. My Rust Topography sheets (no longer available) are my favorite pattern of all the sheets I've ever tested, and I'm often tempted by Brooklinen's new prints. Right now, they include an abstract forest green print and colorful stripes.

The bottom line

If your bed sheets could stand to be upgraded (and they probably can), head over to Brooklinen and have a look. Your living space should complement the thoroughly grown-up achievements of your daily life, and this brand is a good value every way you look at it.

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