• Salahe Bembury is a footwear designer, with the Cole Haan Lunargrand among his credits. His virtual LZ-F Electrified interior uses a mix of natural materials, including granite for the steering wheel. [credit: Lexus ]

By their nature, car companies are rather conservative. Cars are expensive, so customers tend to be cautious when making such a large purchase. This explains why you see so many variations of silver exteriors and black interiors—it's safer for resale value that way. That's why I'm so enamored with these concept interiors that Lexus has commissioned for its latest concept, the LZ-F Electrified.

The car company offered up the interior of the LZ-F Electrified as a canvas for footwear designer Salahe Bembury, artist Ondrej Zunka, and the leather crafters at Hender Scheme, each of whom came up with something radically different.

Bembury's take contrasts the advanced technology of an EV with plenty of natural materials. The seats are made of cork, with a rough suede on the seatbacks. The center console is made from cedar, and the steering wheel appears to be cut from granite.

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