This ebook from Jason Brownlee. Educational perpose only! Thanks to Jason for the books.

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e-book from Machine Learning Mastery, Thankyou for jason brownlee for the e-books.

  1. Basic of Linear Algebra for Machine Learning Discover the Mathematical Language of Data in Python
  2. Statistical Methods for Machine Learning Discover How to Transform Data into Knowledge with Python (not have)
  3. Master Machine Learning Algorithms Discover How They Work and Implement Them From Scratch
  4. Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch With Python (not have)
  5. Machine Learning Mastery With Weka Analyze Data, Develop Models and Work Through Projects (not have)
  6. Machine Learning Mastery With Python Understand Your Data, Create Accurate Models and work Projects End-to-End
  7. Machine Learning Mastery With R Get Started, Build Accurate Models and Work Through Projects Step-by-Step
  8. Introduction to Time Series Forecasting With Python How to Prepare Data and Develop Models to Predict the Future (not have)
  9. Deep Learning with With Python Develop Deep Learning Models on Theano and TensorFlow Using Keras (not have)
  10. Long Short-Term Memory Networks With Python Develop Sequence Prediction Models With Deep Learning (not have)
  11. Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting Predict the Future With MLPs, CNNs, and LSTMs in Python (not have)
  12. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Develop Deep Learning Models for Natural Language in Python
  13. XGBoost With Python Gradient Boosted Trees With XGboost and scikit-learn (not have)

others resouces, others writer but same theme :\

  1. Statistics and Machine Learning in Python, Edouard Duchesnay\
  2. Deep Learning & NLP Resources, Dragomir Radev\