If you’re in sales and you’re not getting responses, despite mass-blasting hundreds of messages, let me tell you how to get a 30-40% open rate on your cold messages….

Have the first line of your message be so personalized that it’s clear to them you’re not a bot. If this guy said, “I love chicken wings, too”– he’d set the right tone and I’d be way more open to a 15 minute call.

Or he could say “Great job on the Summit Asia webinar yesterday! I wanted to share a couple thoughts with you”. That would have gotten my interest.

See the difference in approach between a spammer versus a sales pro who knows how to earn attention instead of relentlessly bombard people with messages?

There are a lot of tools that do “automated lead generation” by auto-spamming cold audiences. While you might get a couple hits from thousands of identical bot messages, consider the reputation damage this does for your company.

If your company is so great, why do you have to resort to these tactics to get clients?

The irony here is that Aegis IT solutions protect clients against spammers– but what about spam they’re generating?

I figured their CEO would want to stop the reputation damage to his firm, so I messaged him to help him out.