Shi Jie, a senior architect from three body cloud, once served as the system architect of Founder Electronics of Peking University, Jiecheng century and many other listed companies, with more than 10 years of radio and television network work experience, participated in the research and development of CCTV and Qingdao TV broadcasting control system; successfully implemented IPTV, mobile TV, multi screen interaction and other new media projects in Jinan TV, Liaoning TV and Jiangsu TV Project and the product design deployment of Youku content production system; meanwhile, it has obtained many patents in related fields.

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Hi, Shijie. Thank you for your interview with livevideostack. Could you give a brief introduction to the readers of livevideostack.

Shijie:Hello, readers and friends of livevideostack. I’m trisomy cloud Shijie. I’m very glad to meet you through livevideostack’s activity in Shenzhen and share the relevant content of edge computing with you. I am currently responsible for the server-side audio and video codec, synthesis, cloud computing and other related work of the three body cloud. I hope you can put forward valuable opinions and discuss and exchange based on my sharing. Thank you.

Livevideostack: compared with the previous work in the radio and television industry, what new challenges does the work of three body cloud bring to you?

Shijie:Compared with the previous work, in terms of audio processing, the new media on demand, round robin and later IPTV in the field of radio and television also need to do media service related computing and codec, but they are different in terms of network environment, output audience and interaction mode, but the requirements for effectiveness and experience are higher, especially the user’s operation and interaction experience are more direct. Therefore, in the work of three body cloud, the core corporate culture and values of “achieving customers and self” have a profound impact on me, and I have been practicing this value in my work.

Livevideostack: what role do you play in the work of trisomy cloud? How do you design the server architecture to ensure the high availability of the system and achieve a better balance between user experience and cost?

Shijie:In fact, my role is the same as that of every partner who works hard in the three body cloud. At present, I am mainly responsible for the implementation and optimization of server audio and video codec, synthesis and cloud computing of the three body cloud. On the basis of the real environment, make full use of the server utilization, improve the efficiency of software execution and the simplicity of the structure. For example, the shared “cloud edge computing implementation of audio and video synthesis” is a good example to improve the efficiency of the server and save costs by implementing the server edge computing method without changing the user experience.

Livevideostack: the three body cloud provides the overall solution of real-time audio and video technology for multiple fields, and provides developers with stable, easy-to-use, low latency and high guarantee live cloud services. The better the experience of developers means the more the three body cloud pays in the optimization part. What efforts have been made to improve the user experience of the three body cloud?

Shijie:Three body cloud has been “achieving customers, The corporate culture of “self achievement” drives every three people to actively serve every customer, actively respond to and quickly respond to the questions raised by customers, and provide solutions in a timely manner; in the development and docking, we investigate the use of customers, and then refine the easy-to-use call mode, which can help customers achieve full interactive audio and video communication function in three simple steps Yes.

Livevideostack: the business of the three body cloud involves a variety of scenarios and industry fields, such as pan entertainment, online education, video customer service, etc., of which customer service ability is the rigid demand in the business processing of the tertiary industry. What are the advantages of the video customer service of the three body cloud under the existing customer service mode? Can help users to complete what traditional customer service can’t do?

Shijie:The video customer service system of the standard version of the three body cloud supports such common functions as human certification verification, 1-to-1, 2-to-1, 2-to-2 video consultation, video double recording, automatic queuing, document sending, signing and return. At the same time, we also support customized development according to customers’ business needs.

In terms of deployment, the three body cloud video customer service system supports public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud deployment. The video customer service system has been verified by the bank and insurance user environment, and can run stably for a long time.

At present, the three body cloud video customer service system is mainly used in the pan financial industry. The business process combines the real-time audio and video technology to carry out some scene applications. Through the remote audio and video way, it can break through the regional restrictions and well concentrate the resources of customer service personnel. No matter the end user is in the local or the field, it can provide the best service for the user. This is conducive to the expansion of business in the financial industry, at the same time, compared with the traditional business process, it reduces the cost of business transactions.

In the case of landing, users realized remote video account opening, remote video face-to-face signing, remote video vehicle survey and other scenes through the video customer service system of three body cloud, which solved the pain points of low efficiency and high cost of traditional customer service for customers, met the double recording requirements of relevant regulatory agencies of bank, insurance and certificate, and standardized the business transaction process.

Livevideostack: many people believe that 2019 is the first year of 5g with epoch-making significance. With the end of the year approaching, do you think that everyone’s imagination about future application scenarios is clearer? What technology and product reserves have the three body cloud made in this respect?

Shijie:5g will bring a new experience to the multimedia era, and improve the quality, especially the real-time performance of the live broadcast system. It will also have obvious help and improvement for some technology points limited by transmission. In these aspects, 3tcall, 3tclass and other products of the three body cloud will also be innovated and improved according to the development needs of the 5g era, so as to create more and more practical value.

Livevideostack: looking forward to 2020, with the promotion of 5g business, the CDN market will continue to grow rapidly. What are the important upgrading directions of edge computing in this process?

Shijie:With the promotion of 5g business, the communication pressure will be greatly reduced in the future; on the contrary, the computing pressure in the cloud will be greatly increased. In order to solve this contradiction, the three body cloud has been improved and optimized in practice. We make full use of the edge server to make it work in parallel with the center server, so as to realize a set of combination of making full use of the edge cloud distributed computing The effective way of heart calculation. In the future, we will increase our efforts to improve and adapt to the promotion of 5g.

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