Chen, Sabio Alumnus

Originally from China, Chen moved to the United States when he was 12 and never looked back, “After high school I joined the military, then when I got out of service I went back to school at UCSB where I studied financial mathematics and statistics. After I got out of school, I was finding it difficult to secure a job in finance, which is when I came across Sabio. It was very appealing to me, learning how to code so quickly and then getting a job afterwards.”

For Chen, going to Sabio was a no brainer, “I did my comparisons to other schools, and Sabio seemed to have higher standards when it comes to teaching students about coding. They are also one of the only schools on the west coast that takes the GI Bill. For me, it was a done deal.”

To get started, Chen signed up for Sabio’s PreWork, “It was fun and very challenging because I’d never done any javascript at all. But it was pretty easy to pick-up. By the time I got to cohort, I felt prepared for what was to come. Plus our group was a great size, not too big, not too small. We supported each other, helped out when there were problems, really pushed each other to succeed. That’s the thing about Sabio, they really want you to succeed. In general, everyone there from the management to the students will give you a tremendous amount of support.”

Sabio Coding Bootcamp

It was Sabio’s teaching style that really vibed with Chen, “I learned so much from my teachers. I think the biggest thing that I learned is that every time I had a problem, they would kind of tell me the right route to solve the problem but not exactly how. This was great. They showed me some fantastic resources and methods, which helps you grow and develop, since once you’re out of Sabio you still need those skills to be able to solve problems on your own.”

Now a fullstack developer and software engineer at Sedaru, Chen feels ready for the task, “I went through my interviews while I was still in my last week of Sabio. It was the week after I graduated that I got the verbal offer for my job. I can attribute so much of the success of that process to Sabio. The instructors gave us a lot of preparation, such as potential questions we’d be asked, possible answers to give. We also had a great deal of mock interviews that showed the proper procedures of the whole thing. Sabio was very helpful and I got a lot of support during my job hunting.”

Sabio Coding Bootcamp

At his job, Chen still feels the guidance of Sabio methods, “Again, learning how to solve these problems by myself was so helpful. At my current workplace, we’re working with a lot of tech stacks that I have no prior experience with, but that doesn’t phase me. Because of Sabio, I know that I can find the solution to any problem if I know where to look for it.”

Even though he’s finished with Sabio, Chen still plans to keep in touch, “I love talking to my cohort-mates. We still check-in with each other and swap updates. Even with my instructors, I keep up on slack and message them. That’s what Sabio provides, a sense of community. I know that with this foundation I can continue to grow my career, maybe one day going the PM route, but definitely always designing product.”

Sabio Coding Bootcamp

For those interested in Sabio or coding, Chen says, “Make sure you try it out first. For me, I took a programming class in college, so I knew that coding was fun for me. But you want to try it out to make sure it’s the right fit. Because if it is and you get into the tech industry, you can make a great career out of it. And when you’re looking at coding schools, do your research, you’ll see right away that Sabio is one of the better, if not best options out there. Sabio also hosts a great deal of free meetups and info sessions that you can go to. Talk to them, see if you like it and go from there. Sabio was a great experience for me. They taught me so much and got me to where I am today, which is happy and with a great job.”

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Written by Sassy Mohen