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TikTok job recruitment tool will reportedly help people find a job through the platform. Moreover, users will be able to create and post resume videos on their TikTok profiles.

A recently surfaced report from Axios suggests TikTok is testing a new job recruitment tool. As a result, brands will be able to recruit employees through the popular platform.

Moreover, the TikTok job recruitment tool will enable brands to showcase their internal workplace culture in the form of short clips. This will allow them to attract more potential candidates.

TikTok is carrying out trials on a new recruitment tool

This is a pilot program. TikTok designed the program to help people find jobs, and connect job seekers with companies that are looking for candidates.

The recruitment platform isn’t unified with TikTok. However, candidates can access it by visiting a separate web page.

This web page can be linked back to the TikTok app, according to Social Media Today. Brands can adopt this process to post jobs and share them via TikTok clips.

Rather than applying through a traditional document, job seekers can share a TikTok video resume. The Chinese video-sharing platform has put the tool to test with a beta group of companies.

Will the TikTok job recruitment tool replace LinkedIn?

The newfangled recruitment tool can be described as an upgraded version of LinkedIn. TikTok will be able to appeal to younger users by offering a direct connection through the platform that they are familiar and comfortable with.

TikTok is turning into an active space for career-related guidance and advice, The Washington Post reported in March. Moreover, the platform aligns with broader usage trends.

At a time when unemployment is quite high, TikTok is an emerging platform in the job search space. It is likely to garner massive popularity considering that a new generation is currently looking for their first jobs amid pandemic isolation.

TikTok job recruitment tool will prove to be highly beneficial for brands that are looking for candidates with social media skills. This is highly likely to happen considering the rise of eCommerce in the past 12 months.

Business owners are bent on taking full advantage of TikTok’s popularity, according to a survey by SkyNova (via Social Media Today). This is hardly surprising given that the app is leading the download charts and is on the verge of becoming the next billion-user app.

It makes sense that businesses want to use TikTok for recruiting. Users are also engaging more with career development-centric posts within the app.

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