TikTok is bringing a new Business Creative Hub to its app, which will help brands step into the latest trends on TikTok, as well as among business in local regions.

According to TikTok, after collecting feedback from business users on its platform, the company decided to bring inspiration for users in terms of content to post. This way, users would learn to adopt better and more successful strategies and identify the latest trends and tap into them.

With the Business Creative Hub, users will have access to trending content divided into different categories. The feature will be available to business accounts only and will be found in the 'Business Suite' section of the 'Settings and privacy' menu on the app. The Business Creative Hub will be divided into two parts: Video Showcase and Business Content Guide.

The Video Showcase element will highlight trending content in three categories, namely Trending: Business, Engaging: Business, and Trending: Community.

The first feed, Trending: Business, will display videos from other Business Accounts in the same country, ranked by the total number of likes they've received. Engaging: Business, the second feed, will display a similar selection of popular Business Account content in terms of ranking according to the level of engagement. Lastly, Trending: Community will display videos from all account types, ranked by the total number of likes received.

The Business Content Guide, on the other hand, is described by TikTok as 'a cheat sheet for any business to easily get the hang of using TikTok to promote your brand.' It will provide tips on content strategy, storyline ideation, and video shooting, along with practical tips to help get the most out of a business account, such as setting up a  profile, the best times to post, content moderation, and traffic. It will also showcase Success Stories of brands with successful Business Accounts.

The Content Guide will mostly consist of text, along with a few video examples too. It will offer a variety of guidance notes.

All of these new tools seem to be promising for the business community on TikTok. To understand what tool works best, users will have to explore and experiment with these resources themselves, so they can run successful campaigns on the platform.