Growing any business has never been a walk in the park. You may use different marketing strategies and techniques, but you still have to invest time and effort. Fortunately, technology has made all these time-consuming and complex tasks easier and more manageable than ever. Entrepreneurs are using technology in different ways to grow their ventures. However, an investor has to be up to date with the recent tech trends and tools to know which techniques are necessary for their relevance. Brands are now capitalizing on the latest technologies to improve their productivity, increase efficiency, and get more customers. However, choosing the right technology and knowing how you can best use it is what makes the difference.

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These are some of the ways small businesses can use technology in their operations.

Use Mobile Solutions

Workers can now operate any department of an organization from any location as long as there is a telephone system. Everything from customer care, sales enablement, and content marketing are keystrokes away. However, mobile solutions aren’t only meant for the organization, but other stakeholders and customers as well. As the use of mobile phones continues to rise, more customers now prefer to search, shop, and buy products and services with their mobile devices at the comfort of their home. Mobile solutions have re-written the idea of digital marketing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based solutions have eliminated the need for purchasing and maintaining different software apps. Cloud-based solutions are useful for securing document storage, backups, and team collaboration. For example, small businesses can now use some cloud-based solutions for sharing data across mobile devices and PCs and team collaboration. Cloud-based solutions are sync and sharing solutions that come with the security and compliance that all businesses irrespective of their size require to thrive. Companies can use CASB, a cloud-based software to protect any of their sensitive data to increase their customers’ trust.

Social Media

Social networking platforms have become an essential business tool in recent days. It has been a pillar in the internet and business sectors where it has provided efficient ways to accomplish and fulfill things such as creating growth, profits, and income opportunities, growing the market base and expanding techniques. The most exciting thing with social media is that it is easy to use as a marketing tool.

Video Walls

Signage video walls have over time become a massive innovation in the digital era. Recent research has found that an increase in the number of new products and applications that can be used in different installations have driven the growth of video walls. As video walls technology continues to advance, users are now installing VARs to create more lucrative opportunities to grow their ventures. Video walls are eye-catching and large enough for use on a wide range of small businesses and installations. Video walls are popping up everywhere including outdoor advertising, stadiums, retail stores, and hospitality venues. Video walls are an ideal solution for an enterprise interested in a large-scale display.


The internet and technologies such as social networking platforms have boosted the ease in which enterprises can connect and engage with their suppliers and customers. Whether the manager wants to share a document or chat with someone abroad, that can be achieved through the latest technology. Companies can now use technology to send targeted emails to their customers who are probably shopping for similar products to theirs. Technology fits well with other connectivity software to increase access to the most recent trends and information. These technologies should not only encourage customers to spend more time with you but also make them more loyal than ever. Always remember that excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, and outstanding products are some of the things that contribute to the growth and success of a small business. Whether it is a startup or established business, never underestimate the power of technology when it comes to expanding your business. Many companies and individuals have today attested to this, and that’s why everyone is trying to capitalize on the latest technology for an efficient approach to their business operations.

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