TMS views itself as more than a mortgage servicing company — it’s a total homeownership servicing partner. From finding and selling a borrower’s home to protecting that asset with home-related insurance products, to servicing for the life of the loan, TMS is on a mission to “Grow Happiness.” As the company’s 98% satisfaction rating clearly demonstrates, it is seeing huge success.

“At the end of the day, our mission to ‘Grow Happiness’ is not a clever advertising slogan, it’s the central focus to everything we do and how we conduct ourselves. It makes great business sense for us and our partners,” said Jason Kwasny, executive vice president of servicing.

The formula for their success is straightforward: Great People + Great Technology = Customer Service Excellence. TMS tackles the people part of that equation by providing 300 hours of training for each of their customer service experts every year, with additional brand training to understand and deliver the brand and voice of their clients. According to the company’s monthly surveys, they on maintain an average NPS score of 82.

When it comes to technology, TMS is the exclusive provider of SIME – Servicing Intelligence Made Easy. SIME features 4D Customer Intelligence, reports available to review portfolios at the click of a button, along with borrower digital online behavior and payment trackers, chatbots, and mobile apps.

Subservicing partners of TMS have complete visibility into the system, giving lenders access to all servicing data and information without the need to rely on their subservicer. 

SIME’s user-friendly design allows for TMS clients to easily track all interactions between the borrower, subservicer, and servicer, including payments, daily escrow analysis, recorded calls, payment history and more… all in real-time.

“Since TMS was an originator before becoming a subservicer, SIME technology sets the new standard for what lenders need to proactively manage and protect their portfolio for the long haul,” said Rick Smith, executive vice president of business development. 

 “With our payment tracker and 4D Customer Intelligence features, we are able to build our clients a lifetime relationship with their borrowers.”  

Looking ahead, TMS is placing a high priority on amplifying its self-serve options to give borrowers more control on how they want to communicate and transact. The company already provides several ways to self-service through its mobile app, IVR options, and Joy, its automated assistant that’s available 24/7 on the TMS borrower portal. 

In 2020, TMS plans to further advance Joy’s technology through artificial intelligence (AI) and provide a more extensive repertoire of services for borrowers to have access to.

TMS is in the process of allowing borrowers to not only pay with debit cards, but also through Venmo, PayPal, and Amazon. 

For subservicing clients, TMS is expanding its real-time 65 out-of-the-box reports and building out a new conversion and boarding tool to help streamline the onboarding process for clients. 

“Our clients not only love that we help them build lifetime relationships with their borrowers and allow them to proactively manage their portfolio, but that they can also count on us to reduce the cost to service loans and pass that savings on to them in the future,” Smith said.  

Jason Kwasny, EVP of Servicing

Jason Kwasny brings 18 years of experience in the financial services and mortgage industry to TMS. Prior to joining TMS, Kwasny held executive management positions at a number of companies, including SLS, Ditech, and JPMorgan Chase. 

Nathan J Sands, EVP of Servicing

Nathan Sands joined TMS in June of 2018 with more than 25 years in operations management. Sands was most recently SVP of Loan Administration at Bayview Loan Servicing. Past roles include the leadership and development of a 1,500 loan servicing operations into a top 15 servicer and leading the transfer management teams from a 150k loan platform to the fourth-largest servicer in the nation.

Rick Smith, EVP of Business Development

Rick Smith joined TMS with 35 years of experience in the mortgage servicing industry. Prior to joining TMS, Smith held numerous executive management positions, including senior managing director with Clayton Holdings, president and chief executive officer of Marix Servicing, and other executive positions at Chase and Key Bank.

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