Some people just don’t get along. Ideological differences, personality clashes, or competitive situations —rivalries can flare up and consume people’s lives for years. They can also be the driving force behind some of the greatest stories ever told. Today, we give a nod to the top five longest lasting rivalries currently running in television and movies. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!

1)Death Eaters vs. Muggles

Length: 17 years and counting.
Movies: Harry Potter 1-8
Netflix (5-8 Only), YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 1-2
YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

In the magical world of Harry Potter, one rivalry has split the wizard community in two: Death Eaters vs. Muggles. Death Eaters seek to purify wizard-kind while Muggles look to integrate into the wizarding world. The Death Eater/Muggle feud is so fierce it sparked the first and second wizarding wars. If only someone could cast a kumbaya spell…

2) Eric Cartman vs. Kyle Broflovski

Length: 21 years and counting.
TV/Movie: South Park
YouTube and Google Play

South Park: Bigger, Longer &Uncut
YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

In one corner, Eric Cartman is the cruel, egotistical, ignorant antagonist everyone loves to hate. In the other corner, Kyle Broflovski, his compassionate (except with Cartman), charismatic, religious counterpart. The way these two insult each other would make a sailor blush. From schoolyard brawls to elaborate murder schemes, this rivalry is considered one of the most outrageous onscreen. Cartman and Kyle have been at each other’s throats for decades and show no signs of making peace.

3) Bart Simpson vs. Sideshow Bob

Length: 29 years and counting.
TV/Movie: The Simpsons
YouTube and Google Play

The Simpsons Movie
YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

Since 1989, Bart Simpson and Sideshow Bob have been playing a life or death game of cat and mouse. In one corner, Bart Simpson, a mischievous and rebellious ten-year-old boy. In the other corner, Sideshow Bob, a TV clown assistant turned criminal mastermind. Decades ago, Bart Simpson foiled Sideshow Bob’s plot to frame Krusty for robbery. The two have thwarted each other’s plans ever since. Their rivalry is so deep-seeded, Sideshow Bob has actually held back from killing Bart because he loves the chase too much.

4) Jedi vs. Sith

Length: 41 years and counting.
Star Wars 1-4 & 7 | YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store  

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones | StackTV on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith | StackTV on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store
Star Wars: The Clone Wars | YouTube, Google Play
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story |  YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store
Solo: A Star Wars Story | Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Cineplex Store

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, two factions battled for the hearts and minds of the people. In one corner, the Jedi Order is the light side of the force, aspiring to bring peace and understanding to the galaxy. In the other corner, the Sith is the dark side of the force, seeking to conquer and control the galaxy. Each side struggles to prevail over the other, utilizing legendary warriors, intergalactic politics, and all-out war to assert their influence. We may not know who will come out on top, but we’ll certainly enjoy the show.

5) Jill Abbott vs. Katherine Chancellor

Length: 46 years and counting.
TV: The Young and the Restless | CBS All Access.

Nothing embodies the spirit of rivalry like the on-going battle between Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor. In one corner, Jill is a manipulative and savvy businesswoman. In the other corner, Katherine is the billionaire grande dame of Genoa City. Ever since Jill had an affair with Katherine’s husband, the two have created the undisputed gold standard of feuds. Competing against each other for men, money, and even a child, these two characters hold the unique distinction of the longest feud in the history of American soap operas.

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