Credit Card number used to test payment

  • Payment test always makes the QA sisters fall into the passive, because of waiting for customers to provide accounts, Credit Card number ... etc.
    For the more active in the payment test, I have reference and post here some information about the cards. Hope will be useful for everyone when Test online payment.
    Here are the Credit Card numbers that can be used to test the development of the EC App (E-Commerce)

    A list of Credit Card Codes can be used to test

    On the test environment, instead of using the actual credit card information, you can use the following credit card numbers to test your credit card.

    Credit Card number card type
    4111111111111111 Visa
    4242424242424242 Visa
    4012888888881881 Visa
    5555555555554444 Master Card
    5105105105105100 Master Card
    378282246310005 American Express
    371449635398431 American Express
    30569309025904 Diner's Club
    38520000023237 Diner Club
    3530111333300000 JCB
    3566002020360505 JCB

    This card number can be used as a real card. If there is a valid card number, then in addition to the numbers above, other numbers can be used.

    Related to other card information

    Basically, no matter when you use these card numbers to Test.
    • Cardholder Name: Just enter the first and last name separated by spaces. (For example: Taro Tanaka)
    • Card validity period: Just set the validity period of the card to be the year and month after the current time.
    • Security Code: Enter optional 3, 4 digits.
    Card numbers used to check for errors.
    On the test environment, you also have the option to test the exception cases such as: card is overdue, credit card company refuses to pay, random connection failed, (card_error) ... etc. follow the instructions below:

    Credit Card Number Code for Card_Error
    4000000000000002 card_declined
    4000000000000127 incorrect_cvc
    4000000000000150 incorrect_expiry
    4000000000000119 processing_error

    When choosing the number below, you can give the case: Do not occur Error when creating Token, when the customer creates but has Error when charging.

    Credit Card Number Code for Card_Error
    4000000000080202 card_declined
    4000000000080327 incorrect_cvc
    4000000000080350 incorrect_expiry
    4000000000080319 processing_error

    For more information, you can refer to the following link:
    Nguồn: Viblo

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