kintone Plug-in: "Edit table" Plugin [EN]

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    Continue in the article, I will introduce to everyone a new plugin, which supports people very effectively when view list contains table. A reminder to anyone who wants to learn and install this plugin, please make sure to have some knowledge about:

    • What is kintone
    • What is Plugin
    • Plugin eco-system and Plugin development Tuttorial


    Kintone supports displaying table data when using view list. However, here we can only see and can not edit the table.
    Want to edit the table, just use the Edit table plugin. I will explain more about this in the next part.

    How to use Plug-in

    Setting config

    This plugin-in does not need setup config. So you add plugin and update app. This app is usable.

    Setting desktop

    After adding the plugin, you will see any record information, you will see
    Edit Record
    If you want to edit record, you need follow:
    Enter edit information
    And the result is
    Add Record
    If you want to add record, you need follow:
    Enter add information
    The results we see
    Delete Record
    If you want to delete record, you need follow:
    The results we see


    1. We do not guarantee this sample to run.
    2. We do not provide any technical support for this sample Plug-in.

    Downloadable Content

    Zip file, please download the follwed link and upload whole package to kintone, don't extract it before upload to kintone.

    It 's not the end

    I hope that this plugin can bring some benefits to your work.
    This series is not yet end and we will still meet again to discuss about more interesting plugins afterward. If you have any questions, please place a comment and i will try to reply as fast as possible. Thank you !
    Nguồn: Viblo

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