Title page issue when formatting ebook for Kobo

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    This is a very particular problem and I don't know if anyone here can help me with it... I've tried searching for a topic like this here in the forum, but couldn't find anything.I've formatted an ebook with Scrivener for Windows (latest version), and it looks fine on my Nook, when opened in Calibre, and in ADE. However, when I open it on my Kobo ereader, the title on the title page gets kind of squished together. I've attached two pics, one with the epub opened on the Kobo (and the squished title), and another with the epub on the Nook (where the title appears fine).

    My formatting settings for the title are Times New Roman, 28 pt, double-spaced, no extra spacing before or after a return. I've tinkered around with the font and spacing settings, but no matter what I do, the title looks squished like this on the Kobo.Can anyone help me with this?

    Please help

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