Twitter has been in the online social networking (micro-blogging to be precise) scene since 2006 now, and has had a number of ‘management based’ apps on both Android and the iOS to help enrich the user experience.

There’s one app that rarely gets a mention is Tweedle, a simple yet extremely customizable Twitter client. With over 500,000 users using the app, Tweedle is definitely an app worth looking into.

In this article, we’ll go through the basics, talk a bit about the graphics and the design interface, and analyze its features and functions.

Tweedle : An Overview

Tweedle Apps Tweedle : A simple yet highly customizable Twitter clientThe overall interface is simple, and yet looks modern enough to make a new user comfortable from the get go. As the app’s own tagline states, “designed with simplicity and functionality in mind”, you will never experience any lag while swiping in between screens.

The transitions and scrolling is smooth and gives you no problems at all. Every time you pull towards the top of Twitter’s newsfeed, the results gets refreshed automatically.

As customary on Androids for Twitter-based apps, swiping your finger towards the left will display the mentions, RT’s and direct messages of your account. Similarly, you will find icons for composing, search and the settings menu on the top of the dashboard.

 Tweedle : A simple yet highly customizable Twitter client

The colors used for the overall interface is a combination of dark blue and light blue, which adds to the smooth and ‘peaceful’ feel of the app.

Tweedle app provides great customization for allowing users to go with their own style of colors and design choices. By default, the app has a total of 5 amazing themes to choose from; with our favorites the dark light as well as the default blue.

You can always modify each of the 5 themes according to your liking, and make a completely new one in the end.

Because of it’s simplicity and effectiveness, Tweedle can actually be termed as a much more complete solution than even Twitter’s original app for mobile. It’s easy to understand, doesn’t take up too many resources, and makes a great job of helping users manage their online presence on Twitter.

If you still haven’t given Tweedle a try, we recommend it whole-heartedly. You will not be disappointed!

The app is available to download for the Android and the iOS.