It has been approximately 20 days since Twitch streamer Ludwig went live with his now-infamous Subathon. At several points during the nearly 3-week long event, it seemed like the Subathon might finally come to an end, but the generosity of Ludwig’s viewers (or is it the punishment of his viewers?) has kept things going. Currently, the stream timer is at under an hour, but even then, it has continued for over a day.

One would think that with all of the exposure and revenue the Twitch Subathon has earned Ludwig would consider the experience fondly. But during a recent clip, Ludwig explained how the Subathon has had a negative impact on his stream, specifically his interactions with Twitch chat.

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Ludwig says that his Twitch chat has devolved over the course of the Subathon to the point that there is no real interaction. He gets the same few questions and comments, while most of the viewers are simply trying to make jokes. Ludwig also explains that he misses “making content” for his regular Twitch viewers, rather than being treated like an experiment.

While there are plenty of Ludwig’s regular viewers tuning into his Subathon stream, even more are there simply because they are fascinated. Some wanted to see his reaction as the timer increased to almost 3 days, while others are now around just to see when things eventually come to an end. At the end of the day, Ludwig is a streamer who seeks to entertain his audience, but it’s clear that he no longer feels as if he is entertaining anyone.

Granted, Ludwig has still been able to feature some engaging shows within his Subathon. For example, he was able to check out the new Among Us “Airship” map with several popular streamers like DisguisedToast, Pokimane, and Sykkuno. Ludwig even left the stream for over a day in order to participate in a prior engagement.

Eventually, those types of streams will return to Ludwig’s Twitch channel, but for now the Subathon continues. As of this writing, the timer has been hovering around the 30-minute mark, but it regularly increases. Ludwig has even tried to curb the timer increases by saying he will ban any person that gifts over 101 subscriptions, but that has not made much of a dent in the sheer volume of subs and bits that he has received. The only guarantee is that if Ludwig’s Twitch Subathon makes it to 31 days, he will end the broadcast on his own.

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