The NPR! Book! Concierge! Has arrived! It has arrived to gladden our days. I have been parceling it out to myself bit by bit to make it last, because NPR Book Concierge comes but once a year. When I have gone all the way through it, I will not have it again for so many years. Here it is (link). Be blessed with its bounty.

Watch Ted Lasso, please. I beg you will watch Ted Lasso. I am saying this for your own good, because I want you to feel positive emotions in your life, and frankly where else can that happen? (link)

How to throw a non-terrible con. (link)

“NXIVM was a distillation of all the failures and lies of corporate feminism.” No, I am not yet finished being fascinated by cults. (link)

(White) women’s anger as marketing strategy. (link)

Who gets named in crossword clues? (link)

Whatever did happen with all those white people buying books about antiracism this summer? (You already know the answer.) (link)

“I now know about so many consumer goods I previously had no idea existed.” Roxane Gay on pandemic dread-induced shopping. (link)

Nothing is fun anymore. (link) Except for Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso is fun.

And this; this one thing is fun. Romance novelists and readers raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Stacey Abrams flip Georgia all the way blue. (link)

Speaking of blue, THE GREEKS DID HAVE BLUE. I am shook and cannot believe so many people have misled me for so long. (link)

The National Theatre has rolled out a new subscription-based plan where you can watch their plays online for free! They launched this month with a library of 11 plays, and they’ll be adding new plays monthly. (link)

How should you incorporate food into fantasy worlds? NOT RACIST-LY, PLEASE. (link)

In conclusion, watch Ted Lasso. You may report back to me when you have finished it.

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