The HTC 10 has been getting quite a bit of praise since it’s announcement last month. The HTC 10 is the tenth major flagship from HTC, and it’s definitely worthy of the name. HTC spent quite a bit of time making the HTC 10 a much better smartphone than the HTC One M9 was last year. Which was needed, considering the HTC One M9 didn’t sell very well, and HTC saw quite a drop in sales. However the HTC 10 is here to change that. This year’s model saw the return of the UltraPixel in a 12-megapixel form, and it’s working pretty well. But it’s about to get even better with this first OTA that’s beginning to roll out today to the unlocked model. It’s beginning in Europe and will head to other regions shortly. No word on the carrier variants though.

In this update, we do have an improved camera. Now the camera was already really good, but it’s about to get even better. According to HTC the update will make low-light pictures clearer and sharper. Outdoor photos are said to be improved as well. Finally, the laser auto-focus is supposedly going to be better. Those that shot in Pro mode, may have seen some purple noise, and that too should be gone.  On top of the camera, HTC is also stating that cellular connectivity has improved. Particularly in areas where the signal is weak. Over on WiFi, HTC has Smart MIMO enabled, which will enhance connectivity to WiFi.

It’s not a particularly large update, but one that should make the HTC 10 an even better smartphone. The HTC 10 is going to be shipping this week, along with the Verizon variant here in the States. After May 10th, we’ll see Sprint and T-Mobile variants begin to ship as well. The HTC 10 is going for $699 right now (although with the coupon code “HTC1008” you can get it for $599), which is about the same price as its competitors, the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5. This year, it looks like HTC has brought a fantastic smartphone to the table though, and may actually be worth that asking price.

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